Wukong Tips and Tricks Free Fire| Wukong’s Hidden Techniques 2021


Wukong is one of the most used characters in Free Fire in 2021. Nowadays, you can find almost every players playing with this character due to its brilliant skill.

Every character in Free Fire has  some special abilities or say character skill that make them different than each other. 
Wukong has an amazing character skill known as “Camouflage”, which can only be used while the player is standing. It’s cooldown time is 300 seconds and changes as you level up your character. When you make it to the max level, you can use the most enhanced version of it’s skill.
It is an active skill that when you activate, you get converted into a bush.
In this post, you’ll learn that how you can also use Wukong character to play Free Fire like a pro.

Why It Is So Popular?

As I said earlier, it has a terrible character skill “Camouflage” that makes it so popular. Once you turn on it’s ability, you get covered by a bush which disables enemy’s default aim lock as long as you are under the bush. 
Wukong Bush


Free Fire players know the importance of default aim lock on enemy. You cannot play well without you default aim lock. That’s why Wukong’s this ability is fabulous. 
Additionally, though it’s cooldown time is 300 seconds, if you take down an enemy you can instantly use it again. i.e. it’s cooldown time refreshes.

Why You Should Use Wukong?

If you’re a solo vs squad lover or an E-sports player then this is something you must keep in your character skill slot. 
Overall, if you want to win the match at any cost you should use Wukong’s Character skill.
Clash Squad is the best mode to play with this character according to my personal opinion. Even if you’re single and there are 4 enemies in front of you, you can easily defeat them but you’ll need some practice and use some IQ.

How To Unlock Wukong Character for Free?

Wukong character is a premium character that can be unlocked paying 499 diamonds. But, there are some rare chances to unlock it for free in Free Fire.
A lot of new events use to come in Free Fire everyday. Some events are normal and some special. As you know Free Fire also provides free rewards on such events. If the event is comparatively focusable then they give free rewards like choosing one of the characters among the given list of characters for free.
In such events, you can unlock Wukong for Free in Free Fire. For eg,
Get Wukong Character for Free


Tips and Tricks to use Wukong in Free Fire

Here are some tips and tricks to use Wukong character skill in Free Fire:
1. Character Level: Use the max level of character that will provide you the most enhanced version of the character skill.
2. Position of Button: The position of active skill button matters a lot. Keep your active skill button such that your most active finger goes there instantly whenever you want to use the skill. 
3. Character Skill Combination: There are 3 character skill slots in each character in which you can add other character’s skills. Best character skill combination for Wukong can be (Kelly+Moco+Maxim)’s. 
Best skill combination for Wukong
Kelly’s skill will provide you a faster movement speed. Moco will track enemies once you fire on them. Maxim’s ability will let you to use MedKits, Mushrooms etc. with up to 40% faster speed which is really a great thing. 
This character skill combination is best for Clash Squad Mode according to my personal opinion.
4. Gun Combination: Using a proper gun combination while playing with Wukong is an important topic. You should always keep a short range gun that can be a shotgun or an SMG gun. It’ll help you to take close range fights with the help of Wukong’s ability. 
5. Timing: Here timing refers to the time (perfect situation) to use it’s ability. You shouldn’t use it unnecessarily until it is actually needed. If you’re doing a clutch then that’ll be the best situation to use it’s ability. 
Mostly, you can use it during a massive fight.
6. Never Stay in Open: You should never stay in open field places when you get into the bush. Though the default aim lock doesn’t work, enemy can manually find you through scope and fire on you. So to be safe from enemy, take a solid cover as soon as you use Wukong’s ability. 
Follow these Tips and Tricks to use Wukong Character’s ability to enhance your performance. Hope it’ll help you to play with the best character in Free Fire in 2021 Wukong.

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