[This Christmas] Winter Mystery Shop With 90% Discount On Elite Pass, Premium Bundle, Etc.

Winter Mystery Shop: Garena Free Fire keeps introducing new events in Free Fire every single day. There is a continuous flow of events in the game. Some events are very popular and the “Mystery Shop event” is one of them.

Mystery Shop is one of the most awaited events in the game because it provides a massive discount on rare items and even on the elite pass that attracts the players most. Mystery Shop comes hardly once in a couple of months. The players who cannot afford to top up diamonds too frequently, save their diamonds, especially for this event. At the beginning of this event, there were no elite passes but now you can see the elite pass in almost every Mystery Shop event.

Let’s see what’s there in the upcoming Winter Mystery Shop event starting on 25 December 2021 on Christmas Day.

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Winter Mystery Shop [25 December]

The upcoming mystery shop in the game is going to be introduced on 25 December 2021. It may be presented as a Christmas surprise for the players. There will be exclusive new Winter special bundles and even there is a high chance for the Elite Pass to be there.

Winter Mystery Shop
Winter Mystery Shop

As you can see there will be two new exclusive bundles one male and one female as the grand prize/item. Other items like Elite Pass, gun skins, backpack skins, old rare bundles, etc. will also be there. I suggest you save your diamonds for it because it is that kind of event in which you can even get the items around 10-15 diamonds.

Let’s see the items in detail.

Winter Mystery Shop Items3

As you can see in the above picture, there is confirmed an elite pass in the Winter Mystery Shop. You can buy the elite pass worth 600 diamonds only in 60 diamonds if you get a 90% discount. Isn’t this amazing? The discount percentage depends on your luck.

Not only elite pass, but there are also too many premia and expensive items that you can get for a very cheap price. Let’s see them also.

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Winter Mystery Shop Items2

One of the most loved and used characters “Chrono Character” worth 600 diamonds will be there in the Winter Mystery Shop that you can buy only in 60 or slightly greater diamonds. The popular pet Mr. Waggor can be bought only in 30 diamonds.

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Talking about popular characters and not mentioning DJ Alok will be a blunder. Of course, there will be DJ Alok too in the upcoming Winter Mystery Shop.

Winter Mystery Shop Items3

Look at some more amazing items in the above picture. DJ Alok, Provoke Emote, and 10X Diamond Royale Vouchers. All these items are literally some of the most popular items. One thing I would definitely want to say is to Save Your Diamonds For This Mystery Shop.

This was just a teaser of the Winter Mystery Shop. There are some more premium items that are yet to be explored. So just wait till the date to know more until then I’d like to keep you in the exciting mode.

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