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Minecraft 1.19 seeds

Village Kingdoms


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In these kingdoms, you'll find seven villages and three Ancient Cities in the middle. Also, you can claim it for yourself.


Massive Mangrove

If you skirt around the edges of a Mangrove, you'll find Desert, Temple, Jungle, Village, and Swannah biomes. 

Seed 28000016


Village and Pillage

After spawning in a swanna, you can follow the river to a pillager outpost when you're all kitted up. Then, you can attack and claim rewards.

Seed 1976821797309326280


Builder's Landscape

When you want to build a new kingdom, many Minecraft builders prefer flatter terrain with scenic backdrops. This seed same as that.

Seed 266100150045570408


Lake and Snowy Mountains

In this seed, you can find a Tiaga Village nestled into the side of the mountain. Also, you can find Igloo and Plains Village.

Seed -6614148827412908321


Dormant Volcano

You'll find Dark Forest, plenty of Badlands, and Ancient cities under the mountain range if you dig down.

Seed 8558586801590466399


Zombie Savanna Village

This zombie village is being engulfed by a Mangrove Swamp. Minecraft 1.19 is magical and scary.

Seed 57000088

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