7 rarest bundles in Free Fire


Zombie Samurai Bundle

The mask of the Samurai Bundle is the rarest and most in-demand piece in the entire set.


Bunny Warrior Bundle

The Bunny Warrior is quite a uniquely designed costume in the shooter title. Players adore the top parts most.


Cobra Rage Bundle

Cobra Rage is one of the oldest 'Legendary' bundles in Free Fire, having four customizable color options. 


Galaxy Dino Bundle

The blue-colored Galaxy Dino was a part of six dinosaur-themed outfits released via Incubator event.


Red Criminal Bundle

The Red Criminal bundle is one of the most beloved of all time.


Sakura Bundle

Sakura Bundle made its way to Free Fire through season 1 Elite Pass.


Hip Hop Bundle

Introduced in the season 2 Elite Pass, the cool-looking Hip-Hop bundle is extremely rare in Free Fire as it has not made a comeback yet. 

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