7 popular emotes in Free Fire

Threaten Emote


The Threaten emote is a perfect emote option for players trying to mock their enemies.


The Victor Emote

The Victor Emote is inspired by a famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. It was introduced during the title's global collaboration with him.


I'm Rich Emote

This emote came during Free Fire's collaboration with Money Heist. Players liked the emote a lot due to the funny moves performed by the character. 


Greeting Emote

The Greeting emote was unveiled in the Diwali Event 2021. The emote depicts Hindu culture greetings. 


Finger Push-up Emote

The Finger push-up emote came to Restore the color of Holi celebrations in Free Fire and it looks cool during push-ups.


FFWC Throne Emote

The FFWC emote is one of the rarest emotes in the game and it was available at Free Fire World Cup event 2019.


LOL Emote

LOL emote is one of the most desired emotes in Free Fire. It is very funny when the character laughs with a hand placed on its stomach.

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