Top 7 best bedrock addons
in Minecraft 1.19

Dynamic Lighting


In the dynamic addon, players can use a single torch to explore an entire cave as the torch will light up the surrounding area.

Natural Structures


The natural structure is a new and interesting nature-based structure. It can put on a lot of natural depth to the world. 

Mutant Creatures


This addon fills the world with stronger mutant mobs. There are 20 new mutants of the different vanilla mobs in Minecraft 1.19.

More Tools


The more tool addon adds more than 900 new tools, tool variants, and 35 new types of armor as well.

More Bosses

This addon adds new and exciting bosses for players to fight. These bosses have all new drops and unique trophies


World Animals


The world animals addon appends a total of five dozen new animals which come from different areas of the planet. 

Better Survival


This is the top addon in Minecraft 1.19. It is focused on revamping and overhauling Minecraft's core survival experience.

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