Top 6 Characters in Free Fire after OB35 update

Alok is best for solo rank push in BR mode and a prime choice for rushers in Clash Squad mode.



He increases movement speed and HP.

Wukong can easily pull off clutches in intense combat and therefore is a good choice for aggressive players.



Wukong transforms into bush.

Dimitri is an ideal active character in Free Fire for squad/duo modes. He enables users to self-revive.



Dimitri also recovers users' HP at 3 HP/s

J.Bieb is a new character launched in Free Fire OB35 update. He is useful in duo and squad matches.



J.Bieb recovers EP

K sustains HP throughout the entire match.



K character increases max. EP, gains EP, and also convert it to HP rapidly.

Iris is also a new character in the update. Her ability works quite similar to M82B and is deadly if mastered.



Iris can spot enmies and penetrate gloo walls to inflict damage to foes