Top 5 Best M82B skins in Free Fire in 2021

M82B doesn’t need any introduction and explanation of its power in front of sniper lover Free Fire players. I think M82B is the first choice of most of the sniper lovers like me🤗.
We’ll be discussing about the top 5 best M82B skins in Free Fire in 2021 in this article.
There’re a total of three snipers in Free Fire till now. i.e. AWM, Kar98k and M82B.
If we talk about kar98k, it’s not that useful due to its lower damage, accuracy etc. but on the other hand AWM and M82B always have competition with each other.
There’re two major factors that make M82B even more useful than AWM.
  1. M82B has the highest penetration power. It can easily give damages to enemies behind the gloo wall.
  2. Recoil speed is faster than AWM.
In this article, we’ll discuss about the best M82B skins in Free Fire till now.
As we know, almost each and every weapon in Free Fire has some skins with attributes which have some special abilities than the default one without skin. Similarly, M82B also has total 5-6 skins till now. 
We’ll arrange those skins with rankings so that you can find the best for you. Before that let’s have a glance at the M82B’s without skin abilities.
Top 5 Best M82B skins in Free Fire
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This is M82B’s by default attributes without skin. Now let’s talk about its skins and their attributes.

Top 5 Best M82B skins in Free Fire

Here are the top 5 best M82B skins in Free Fire as of August 2021.

1. M82B Dragon Mob

Top 5 Best M82B skins in Free Fire
M82B: Dragon Mob


Attributes of M82B Dragon Mob

  • Range +
  • Armor Penetration +
  • Movement Speed –

How to Get M82B Dragon Mob?

M82B Dragon Mob is not available in the Free Fire store till the date. It’s one of the most rarest M82B skins. It was first released in Weapon Royal in May 2021. No one knows when will it come in the Free Fire store. 

Why to use it?

M82B Dragon Mob has a greater Range (+) that allows us to give damages to a very long distance as it has increased range.
Also, it increases the special ability which M82B is known for. i.e. Penetration Power. M82B is especially known for its capability to destroy a gloo wall easily and give damages to the enemy behind it. 
It can give even more damages to the enemy than earlier.
This is what makes M82B Dragon Mob dangerous for enemies. But your movement speed while carrying this skin will be slower as it has decreased Movement Speed (-) in the attribute. 


2. M82B The Falconer

Top 5 Best M82B skins in Free Fire
M82B: The Falconer


Attributes of M82B The Falconer

  • Rate of Fire +
  • Magazine –
  • Armor Penetration +

How to Get M82B The Falconer?

M82B The Falcone is available in the Free Fire Store. Follow the simple steps to get it. 
Top 5 Best M82B skins in Free Fire


Step 1: Go to the store section of Free Fire.
Step 2: Go to Armory Tab as shown in the picture above.
Step 3: Filter the Armory Section according to your need. In this case, choose sniper in the first drop down menu.
Step 4: Choose M82B in the second drop down menu.
Step 5: Select M82B the Falconer from the list.
Step 6: Buy some crates using diamonds.
Step 7: Open those crates for M82B The Falconer’s permanent skin. 
Note: You may not get the permanent skin by just opening one or two crates. You may need to buy more and open more until you get the permanent one.  

Why to use it?

As I said earlier, M82B is known for its penetrating power. i.e. ability to break armors and gloo wall quickly. In this skin also, it has the attribute Armor Penetration (+) . That means this skin has more penetrating power like M82B Dragon Mob. 
Also, it has higher Rate of Fire (+). You speed of firing will be increased which makes it a bit more better.
But the capacity to hold bullets is lowered as Magazine (-) is decreased in its attributes.

3. M82B Time Traveler

Top 5 Best M82B skins in Free Fire
M82B: Time Traveler

Attributes of M82B Time Traveler

  • Damage +
  • Reload Speed +
  • Movement Speed –

How to Get M82B Time Traveler?

M82B Time Traveler is available in the Free Fire store. Follow the same steps to get it as described above for the M82B The Falconer. One thing you should care about while buying and opening the crates is you shouldn’t buy too many crates once.
Buy the crates may be five-by-five and open them all together. Those crates will also contain Thompson’s time Traveler Skins. So the chance to get permanent M82B time Traveler skin is minimized.

Why to use it?

This is one of the most popular one. Since it has increased Damage (+), it helps to take down the enemies quickly. But in this one, there’s no penetration power change. It’ll as usual. 
Also, its reload speed is faster as it has Reload Speed (+) attribute. It helps to handle the clutch situation in which you’ve to take down many enemies with quick firing.
But, you will face some decrease in Movement Speed (-) while carrying it.

4. M82B Hurricane Delivery

Top 5 Best M82B skins in Free Fire
M82B: Hurricane Delivery


Attributes of M82B Hurricane Delivery

  • Range +
  • Reload Speed –
  • Magazine +

How to Get M82B Hurricane Delivery?

This one is also available in Free Fire store. You can follow the same steps as I’ve mentioned above for M82B The Falconer. It came in Free Fire during the ‘Cobra’ event which was really awesome.
Again I’d like to remind you not to buy too many crates at once. Just buy them five-by-five and open them. If you get the permanent one, stop buying it any more else you can buy more if you have enough diamonds in your Free Fire ID.

Why to use it?

This skin has an increased Range (+) which provides long distance damage fires. Weapons with Increased Range Attribute can even more help you while doing Rank Push because at that time, you’d be playing like campers. 
You can take down long distance enemies with silencers without getting damages😅..
Also, it has increased Magazine (+). You can only put 8 bullets in normal M82B but using this skin will allow you to have some more bullets in it.
Whereas it has lower Reload Speed (-). It’ll take some more time to reload than the normal one. 

5. M82B Deadly Glares

Top 5 Best M82B skins in Free Fire
M82B: Deadly Glares


Attributes of M82B Deadly Glares

Basically, Deadly Glares doesn’t have any special attribute. This is just for a good looking M82B. You can say this is just for showoff. If you don’t have any other skins mentioned above then you can go for it.

How to Get M82B Deadly Glares?

M82B Deadly Glares is available in Free Fire store’s redeem section. You can redeem the 7000 Rank Tokens to get this skin without paying a single diamond.
You should not expect any more from Garena Free Fire for free…😂

Why to use it?

I think this is a useless one. Without any attribute, this is same as the normal M82B. The only difference is its stylish ‘Red Look’
Having something is better than having nothing. So if you don’t have diamonds in your free Fire ID, you should go for it.
These were all the top 5 M82B skins in Free Fire till now. You can comment down which is your favorite M82B skin in Free Fire.
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