Top 13 New Changes In Free Fire OB31 Update

Garena Free Fire is one of the most loved mobile games all over the world. The number of daily active players of this game is increasing day by day. In 2021, it has been able to grab over 100 Million daily active players. Garena Free Fire’s updates and events system is one of the biggest reasons for its trend of gaining this much popularity.

Garena Free Fire brings numerous updates to the game every 2 months called the Patch Update or OB Updates. The latest patch update (OB30 Update) was released in September 2021. After 2 months, there is the next patch update (Free Fire OB31 Update) on 30 November 2021.

We’ll be discussing the Top 13 New Changes In Free Fire OB31 Update and also some other minute changes. So stick till the end of the article to know the details.

Top 13 New Changes In Free Fire OB31 Update

1. Winterland Map (Snow In The Map)

Free Fire Snow Map
Snow In The Map

Free Fire’s Old players will be too happy to know that there will be Winterland in this upcoming OB31 patch update. We have old memories with Free Fire where we have enjoyed the winters with Free Fire’s Winterland and snow on the map. And we want them back. There was no Winterland event in the past two years I guess. That’s why this time players will be happier to see this snow again in the game after a couple of years.

But, it may be quite offensive to you knowing that the snow will be only available on the Samurai’s Garden Location of Bermuda Remastered Map according to the current updates as you can see in the picture above. It may be changed later. There may be Winterland dedicated Lobby as in the past years.

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2. Lone Wolf – Ranked

Free Fire Lone Wolf Ranked
Lone Wolf Ranked

As we know, Lone Wolf Mode was introduced in Free Fire a few months ago considering players’ demand for 1V1 and 2V2. Players have shown good reviews for this game mode that’s why Garena Free Fire is going to release its Ranked version. It will be available in the game after the Free Fire OB31 Update.

Key Points

  • Season 1
  • Rewards Available for reaching a particular rank like Gold and Heroic
  • Rank Banners and Avatars Available

3. Floating Place Name On Map (3D Effect)

Free Fire New Update in OB31 Patch Update
3D Place Name Effect

This update is one of my personal favorites among all the Free Fire OB31 Updates. You will be seeing the names of the places on the map with a 3D Floating effect as shown in the picture above. This effect gives a more realistic experience. Also, it’ll help you to land easily on your desired map locations.

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4. Katana New Running Style Effect

New Katana Running Effect
Katana Running Effect

There will be a New Running effect while holding Katana. This effect was only introduced in the Free Fire Max but now you can see this effect in the Normal Free Fire too.

5. New Bullet Effect

This is a minor change/update but quite interesting too. It’ll boost the realistic experience up to some extent while shooting with the guns in the game. When you fire to anything that may be objects, there will be holes created at the striking spot. It even sounds realistic.

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6. New Gun MAC-10

New Gun In Free Fire OB31 Update
New Gun: MAC-10

As we know, Garena Free Fire introduces new guns/weapons after each OB update, this time also there will be a new gun named ‘MAC-10’. It will be an SMG (Sub-Machine Gun). It uses the SMG Ammo in the game. We should see whether it is comparable with the most popular SMGs MP40, UMP, and Thompson or not once it’s available in the game.

7. New Character

New Character in Free Fire OB31 Update
New Character

With each OB Updates, there is the introduction of at least one new character and once again the same pattern will be followed. The character is a Mystery Character till now. Its name and face haven’t been revealed yet. Once it is available in the game, the information will be revealed. But its character skill/ability has been revealed.

  • Skill Name: Ice Iron
  • (Level 1) Skill Description: Once deployed, Gloo Walls recover 10% of current durability every 1s. 20% increase in damage when using ARs on Gloo Walls.
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Skill Levels

Free Fire OB31 Update New Character Skill

8. New Pet – Yeti

Free Fire OB31 Update New Pet
New Pet – Yeti

A new pet ‘Yeti’ will be introduced after the Free Fire OB31 Update whose ability will be to reduce damage taken from explosives.

  • Skill Name: Frost Fortress
  • Max Level Skil Description: “Reduces 30% damage taken from explosives every 90s”

9. New Attachment – Akimbo Activator

New Attachment Akimbo Activator in Free Fire OB31 Update
Akimbo Activator

Akimbo Activator – A new attachment ‘Akimbo Activator’ is going to be added in the Free Fire OB31 Update. It will allow players to hold any two guns together like the double vector. But, this attachment will be only available in ‘Free Fire Rush Hour’ mode.

10. Training Ground Update

There is a small but useful update in the training ground. Previously, we had to go to a stationary box to get two Gloo walls which was quite a boring task but from the Free Fire OB31 Update, you’ll be given two Gloo Wall automatically after revive. It means when you click on the revive button and enter the battle, you’ll have two Gloo walls. There may be some more updates on the training ground.

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11. Craftland New Feature

New Feature in Craftland
Craftland Update

New features are added in the craft land mode. You can use features like teleport, maybe musical tiles, etc. You can get these pieces of stuff while creating your own map. So wait till the Free Fire OB31 Update to see the features.

12. Mill Area Small Update

Mill Area Update
Mill Area Update

There might be more changes in the whole map but one of the changes made on the mill area is quite good. You can see the slope in the above picture. Previously, there used to be some vehicle tires on which we could jump to get to the top. But jumping on tires was not always accurate and used to become irritating if not land properly. From Free Fire OB31 Update, that problem will be solved.

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13. New Animations Added

New Animations Free Fire
New Animations

Previously, there were only two animations. After Free Fire OB31 Update, you will see two more animations in the game. These animations are shown when anybody visits your profile and after a Clash Squad Match. These animations make the profile attractive.

Free Fire New Animations
Two New Animations

Some More Updates

  1. New Emotes are added
  2. New Evo Gun – M4A1
  3. New Vibration Setting in the settings section
This Video May be helpful for you

You can also see the Patch Notes on Free Fire’s Official Page on the day of Free Fire OB31 Update. But it may not be much clear to understand the changes in detail.

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