Top 10 Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks

Becoming a pro in any game title isn’t that easy. One should follow useful tips and techniques to gain expertise. In this article, we’ll be going through the top 10 Free Fire Pro tips and tricks.

However, before moving on to the tips and tricks, we must learn about who is actually referred to as “pro” players in the community.

Who are the pro players in Free Fire?

Pro player refers to the players who are playing the game for a long time and have gained much experience. But nowadays the term Pro Player is used to show domination over the new players. 

Even a new player can become a pro in Free Fire just by following some steps or we can say some FF tips and tricks. There are many videos and articles on tips and tricks on the internet but this article has some practically verified and powerful pointers based on my own experiences.

Now let’s start learning the pro tips and tricks which can make you a pro in Free Fire within 2 days:

Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks to become an excellent FF player in 2 days

1) Always keep your sensitivity settings optimized

Sensitivity is the key setting in Free Fire for fast and quick movement. The sensitivity setting may be different according to the devices that you’re using to play the game.

Free Fire best sensitivity settings
Sensitivity settings in Free Fire play a vital role

Notably, keep your “General” maximum if you have a low-end device. While, if your device is highly sensitive, i.e., a high-end device, keep it around 50-60. This setting determines the ease of movement of the character and the camera angle.

Keep the other sensitivity settings as per your preferences.

2) Make necessary alterations to other Free Fire settings

A pro player always keeps the settings highly optimized than that of the default settings. You can make your settings as shown in the image below.

Free Fire settings
These settings will help you on-field

The main focus should be given to the green marked circles in the above picture. All those settings are highly preferred by most of the popular and reputed Free Fire players. 

Notably, you should keep your Auto Pickup speed fast as shown above.

3) Make an ideal Free Fire character combination

You can watch several video guides too about character combinations

There are plenty of characters available out there in Free Fire. However, not all are suitable for everyone in all combat circumstances. Essentially, you should choose the four characters by looking at your playing style and the mode you are going to play in.

Character’s special abilities make them distinct that each other. Each character possesses useful abilities that aid users in favorable situations. Thus, it is necessary to pick characters critically. Notably, Garena Free Fire allows you to only equip a maximum of four characters’ skills — so doing so is a must.

Here are the top picks for FF character combinations in BR and CS modes:

  • K+Kelly+Paloma+Miguel (for BR mode)
  • Wukong+Kelly+Hayato+Moco (for CS mode)

4) Land at safe drop locations

Landing plays a vital role in taking you the right way in the match

Free Fire pro players always come up with strategies to land perfectly on the battlefield. Landing may become the deciding factor whether you will be in the match or not.

If you land at hot drops such as Peak, Clock Tower, Brasilia, etc., in Bermuda and Purgatory maps, there is a high chance that you will be eliminated earlier. Whereas, you can avoid your early elimination by landing at safe or say cold areas where players usually do not land.

5) Always collect enough loot before engaging in fights

Loot means the equipment spread over the battlefield. You should always keep in mind that if you have enough loot in your backpack, you can dominate the opponent. Otherwise, you may be the first to give up due to a lack of resources.

Therefore, start hunting for loot immediately after landing in safe areas.

6) Master gloo wall deploying tricks

Free Fire guide
You should have gloo wall deploying skills to become a pro

The gloo walls are arguably the most significant utilities in Free Fire. These are the walls that create a temporary wall shield that can resist a considerable amount of damage and eventually defend you against the deadly shots of enemies.

Mastering gloo wall deployments will complete your progress to becoming a Free Fire pro player by almost 50%. The following are some gloo wall tips and tricks that you can embrace in order to improve your gloo wall skills:

Gloo wall tips and tricks in Free Fire

Free Fire gloo wall tips and tricks
The gloo wall should be in your hand with a single tap
  • Keep the gloo wall in such a way (as shown in the picture here) that it comes in your hand with a single tap.
  • When the enemy attacks you, immediately drop your gloo wall with two clicks. i.e., at first click on the Gloo Wall button then the Fire button.
  • You should always try to deploy the gloo wall by sitting so that it drops closer to you. 
  • If you’re sprinting/running then follow this system (Gloo wall Button+ Jump+Fire Button) so that you don’t get stopped. This will improve your movement speed.
  • If possible, use the left fire button for the gloo wall.

7) Choose the right gun at the right time

Selection of perfect guns in front of enemies is challenging. While this is necessary to become a pro in Free Fire. A pro player is able to pick the best gun in a particular situation. 

For example, if the enemy is in short range then you should always use short-range guns like M1817, M1014, etc., shotguns; and MP40, Thompson, etc., Sub Machine Guns(SMGs).

On the other hand, if the enemy is at a longer distance then you should always use Assault Rifles like SCAR, AK47, XM8, etc., or Sniper Guns like AWM, M82B, etc.

8) Use the gun switch option

When you’re fighting with the enemy, your hands’ movement becomes faster but at the same moment if the ammo of the gun gets finished or when it takes reload during the fight, it may convert your win into a defeat. At that time you must switch the gun immediately when it takes reload or the ammo is finished.

Free Fire tips and tricks
You can enable the quick switch option from the settings

Not only this but also when you suddenly see an enemy ahead then your finger may choose any gun randomly that may or may not be suitable that time. 

So when you’re habitual of the quick gun switching button it will be easier for you to do so.

9) Practice the jump-shot technique

The jump-shot trick can increase your headshot proficiency

The jump-shoot trick is pretty popular among pro FF players. In this technique, whenever you see an enemy ahead you have to first move yourself to either left or right direction from the enemy then hit the jump button, and, while in the air, again you have to change your direction towards the enemy and hit the fire button. 

This improves your movement speed and also makes the enemy confused because of the change in direction. Also, you can easily change your direction in a short range and shoot the enemy within a second.

10) Track the safe zones and make precise zone predictions

Tracking the safe zone will ensure your steps towards Booyah! You should use the info tool to reveal the next safe circles. The tool can be easily spotted on the battlefield.

Free Fire tips and tricks
The green circle indicates the accurate area for the next safe zone

Furthermore, you can predict upcoming safe zones. i.e., usually, the next safe zone contains the center of the current safe zone. Therefore, you should always try to occupy the center of the current safe zone to increase the odds of being inside the next zone.

Bonus Free Fire tips and tricks

  1. Always be in cover while taking fights
  2. Keep repairing your armor using the repair kit
  3. Practice substantially on the training ground

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