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Top 10 Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks 2022

Last Updated: March 3, 2022
Free Fire is a very interesting and engaging game. Those who play it want to become a good player of it known as Pro Player. In this article, we’ll be going through the top 10 Free Fire pro tips and tricks.

Who are Noob Players in Free Fire?

The term Noob Player refers to a new player. For example if someone says you that you’re a Noob while playing Free Fire then it means that you’re a new player. Today people use this term to show domination and for bullying players. Noob player actually means the player having lower experience in the game. If someone says you a Noob Player it doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to play. They may say this for casual entertainment.

Who are Pro Players in Free Fire?

Pro player refers to the players who are playing this game for a long time and have a good experience about the game and how to play it. But nowadays this term Pro Player is used to show a domination over the new players. 
Even a new player can become pro in Free Fire just by following some steps or we can say some Tips and Tricks. There are many videos and articles on tips and tricks in the internet but this article has some practically verified and most powerful tips and tricks based on my own experiences.
Now let’s start learning the Free Fire pro Tips and Tricks which can make you pro in free Fire within 2 days:


Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks to Become Pro in Free Fire in 2 Days


1. Sensitivity: 

Sensitivity is the key setting in Free Fire for the fast and quick movement. The sensitivity setting may  be different according to devices that you’re using to play.
Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks  2021



Keep your General as high as you could. If your device is highly sensitive then keep it around 50-60. Also to the others in the same range or a little bit more.

But when you’re using a low end device keep it at 100. You’ll see an instant improvement in the gameplay. Kee
p other all like AWM Scope, Red Dot…etc at 100 always.


2. Settings: 

A pro player always keeps the settings highly optimized than that of the default settings.
You can make your settings as shown in the image below.
Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks  2021

The main focus should be given to the green marked circles in the above picture. all those settings are highly preferred by most of the popular and reputed Free Fire players. 
you must keep your Auto Pickup speed fast as shown above.

3. Character Selection: 

There are more than twenty characters in Free Fire but the most important thing is that choosing the correct and appropriate character for you. Among the several characters there are male and female both. But in the game it doesn’t matter what gender have you chosen.
The only thing that matter in choosing a character is his/her ability also known as Character skill. 
Character skill optimizes your ability to do some more actions and gives you an additional special power in the game.
Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks  2021

Most famous character in Free Fire is DJ Alok due to his skill. Every one wants him in the game but later on some more characters were added to the game which can be compared with DJ Alok. 
Like captain Booyah also known as K character, Chrono Character also known as CR7 or Ronaldo.
You can choose DJ Alok, ‘K’ Character, CR7 (Ronaldo or Chrono Character) if you are searching for male character. On the other hand you can also choose Kelly, Moco, Kapella if you’re searching for female character. 
These are the ultimate choice of Pro Players.

4. Best Character Skill Combination: 

Each character can have three more skills of other characters. That means you can have a total of 4 character skills at a time 1 will be of the character that you’ve chosen and 3 character skill slots will be for three more skills of others.
Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks  2021

Mostly, the players get confused to select the best character skill for these three slots but if you’re able to select the best then it will significantly change your gameplay. 
Don’t worry I’m here to make you choice better.
You should always include at least one Active Skill among the 4 skills that may be of any of those characters which are shown in the above picture.
And 3 other skills from the passive skills shown above. In that also you should include Dash ( Skill of Kelly), Arms -Dealing ( Skill of Paloma). Choose the third one as you wish. I recommend the third skill Hacker’s eye ( Skill of Moco) if you’re playing squad matches and also if you use M82B sniper even in Solo. 
I hope you’ll like this point most among all other points of Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks.

5. Correct Landing: 

There is a very important role of Landing in the game in order to become a pro player in Free Fire. A pro player always wants more and more Loot from the beginning of the match. This is because if there comes an enemy or the enemy lands with you, you can immediately finish him/her.
  • You should always land on high Loot tendency areas. For example, Observatory, Factory, Broken House of Peak, Clock Tower (Better if in the tunnel) etc.
  • You must Eject from the Airplane in time so that you could reach earlier.

6. Gloo Wall:

I think, I don’t have to explain about what is Gloo Wall in Free Fire. If you’re very new to this game let me give you a brief explanation of it.
Gloo Wall is a kind of temporary wall that provides you protection from the enemy and has the capacity to withhold the damages up to some extent.
Gloo Wall using techniques are very popular and most of the pro players know how to play with Gloo wall actually. 
If you become able to use Gloo Walls properly or say a Gloo wall expert then you’ll cover more than 50% course of being pro in Free Fire.
Let’s see some Gloo Wall Tips And Tricks here.

Gloo Wall Pro Tips And Tricks

  • Keep the Gloo Wall in such a way that the Gloo Wall comes in your hand with a single tap as show in the picture here.


Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks  2021


  • When the enemy attacks on you, immediately drop your Gloo Wall with 2 simple clicks. i.e at first click on Gloo Wall button then Fire button.
  • You should always try to fire Gloo wall by sitting so that it drops at right place. 
  • If you’re running then follow this system (Gloo wall Button+ Jump+Fire Button) so that you don’t get stopped. It improves your movement speed.
  • If possible use the left fire button for Gloo wall.


7. Gun Selection: 

Which gun to use when an enemy is in front matters a lot to become a pro in Free Fire. A pro player always go for the best gun in a particular situation. 
For example, if the enemy is in short range then you should always use short range guns like M1817, M1014 etc. shotguns and MP40, Thompson etc. Sub Machine Guns(SMG).
On the other hand if the enemy is at a longer distance then you should always use Assault Rifles like SCAR, AK47, XM8 etc. or the Sniper Guns like AWM, M82B etc.

8. Gun Switching:

When you’re fighting with the enemy your hands’ movement becomes faster if you are well practiced but at the same moment if the Ammo of the gun gets finished or when it takes reload during fight may convert your win into defeat. At that time you must switch the gun immediately when it takes reload or the ammo is finished.


Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks  2021

Not only this, but also when you suddenly see an enemy ahead then your finger may choose any gun randomly that may or may not be suitable a that time. 


So when you’re habitual of the quick gun switching button it will be easier for you to do so.
You should use the Quick Gun Switch Button that can be enabled from settings.

9. Jump And Shoot:

Jump and Shoot is system is very popular among the Pro players. In this system, whenever you see an enemy ahead you have to at first move yourself to either left or right direction from the enemy then Jump and in the air again you have to change your direction towards the enemy and hit the fire button. 
This improves your movement speed and also it makes the enemy confused because of the change in direction.
Also you can easily change your direction in a short range also and shoot the enemy within a second.

10. Zone Strategy and Predictions:

If you really want to do BOOYAH! each time then you must know that the zone Strategy and Predictions can make it possible. 
Zone is one of the biggest reason that prevents you from Booyah at the last moment. Whenever you get close to Booyah, most of the time the zone doesn’t be in your favor. 
You run towards the safe zone during zone shrinking to save yourself but the player who is inside the safe zone targets on you and kills you with a great ease.
Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks  2021


So you should always be inside the safe zone or try to get into it before its shrinking. Also you should use the Zone Pre-defining tool inside the game whenever you see it as shown above. And after that make the plan and path for the next safe zone.
Also mark the place on the map where you’re planning to go. It’ll help you to reach there quickly.


1. Be in Cover:

You should always try to be in cover whenever you’re interacting with the enemy. That cover may be permanent or temporary.
Generally, we say temporary covers to the Gloo wall and the permanent cover can be anything except the Gloo wall. Like big Rocks, Houses etc.

2. RJSG Setup:

From today onward, you always remember this RJSG Setup which stands for Run-Jump-Shoot-Gloo Wall. As I discussed earlier about the Jump And Shoot system, if you’re perfect in it then it’s time to move to the advanced version of it.
RJSG System helps you to take your movement speed to the maximum level. Even if you search any renowned player or YouTuber you’ll find this process but no one tells about it.

3. Armor Repairing:

Most of the players ignore the armor (the vests and Helmets) in the game. They have a great role in the game and a player is always encouraged to know more about it.
If you’ve equipped the level 3 armors then you’re definitely going to safeguard yourself from the damages up to maximum extent. The enemy won’t be able to give you headshots of higher damages and also to the body shots. 
But I’ve included the point of Armor Repairing because even if you have understood the importance of armors you don’t repair it time to time when it gets damaged.
You should pickup the repairing kit while taking the Loot and use it to repair your vests and helmets by clicking on the armor icon on the screen as shown in the picture.
Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks  2021

Whenever, the armor icon gets lightened it means that it has to be repaired. So click on it and repair it immediately.
It can save your Booyah!

4. Training Ground:

Every player should play in the training ground. It is the best place for the practice that has the potential to make you Pro in Free Fire within 2 Days.
Training Mode is nowadays getting more popular due to different features and practicing materials in it. Even most of the players say that their favorite game mode is Training mode.
Garena Free Fire is optimizing this mode in each OB updates for your practicing time. Training ground provides you the limitless practice for each and every movement and skill required to become a Pro in Free Fire within 2 days.
Almost all the Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks that I’ve mentioned above can be practiced in this mode. If you follow those tips and tricks then no one can be the barrier in your way to become a Pro in Free Fire. 

You should also remember the following key points/Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks as a summary.


Points To Remember:

  1. Keep the sensitivity as high as you can for the fast movement speed.
  2. Use the Gloo wall in sitting condition and if you’re running then at first Jump and then Fire the Gloo Wall.
  3. Choose right gun at right time.
  4. Use quick Gun Switch button.
  5. Follow RJSG (Run+Jump+Shoot+Gloo Wall) System.
  6. Make zone strategies.
  7. Always try to be in cover while interacting with enemy.
  8. Do Armor repairing time to time.
  9. Give your fraction of time to Training Mode.
I assure that you guys can now enhance your gameplay and become Pro in Free Fire within 2 Days. Hope you liked all of these Free Fire pro tips and tricks.

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