Play Free Fire MAX in 2GB RAM Mobile without any Lag and heat


  • You can play Free Fire MAX in 2GB RAM mobile without lag
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Garena has recently launched Garena Free Fire MAX globally. Basically, Free Fire and Free Fire MAX are almost the same except some animations, sound effects, some graphics, the movable 3D lobby and some minor changes.

But these minor changes are the major cause for the gaining popularity of Free Fire MAX among the Free Fire community all over the world. As this version of Free Fire is much more realistic and of higher standard, most of the players want to play it.

But the problem is its size and system load. It obviously gives higher load on the system than that of normal Free Fire. Free Fire is especially designed for the players who don’t have too high end devices i.e. higher than 4GB RAM mobiles phones. Most of the players have 1,2,3 and 4GB RAM phones which create problem to play high graphics games which give high load to the device and hence starts lagging.

But also, there was a demand of Free Fire players to increase the graphics of the game so that they feel realistic while playing. Considering their request, Garena finally launched Free Fire MAX. But as I told this game is a little bit heavier than normal Free Fire, those who had better devices like 6-8GB RAM phones could easily play but it wasn’t in favor of players having low end devices.

After its launch, most of the players want to play MAX instead of playing the normal one. Having low end devices, they’re facing the lag and heating problems.

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So don’t worry if you really want to play Free Fire in 2GB RAM or more. I’ll teach you certain settings and give tips and tricks so that you never face any problem like lagging and heating.

I only said 2GB RAM or more because it’s extremely difficult to play in 1GB RAM mobile phones. Also the official minimum RAM requirement for Free Fire MAX is 2GB.

NOW! Let’s talk about those settings and Tips and Tricks in this whole article.

Major settings to play Free Fire MAX in 2GB RAM mobile without lag

Open your Free Fire MAX game and do all these settings mentioned below:

Download Center

Go to the download center located at the middle top of the lobby. Then keep only those stuffs downloaded that you want and delete rest of unwanted things.

Play Free Fire MAX in 2GB RAM mobile
Play Free Fire MAX in 2GB RAM Mobile

I’d recommend you to download only the collection pack. In that also, download only those costumes that you want to use. To do this, follow the steps:

  1. At first delete each and every maps and other packets
  2. Then, go to Vault section
  3. Wear the costumes you like
  4. You’ll see download costume option
  5. Click on download so that only that particular costume gets downloaded

In this way, you can download only those costumes, packets and maps that you desire. It will reduce the load on your system and help you to play without lag.

Visual Effects

Go to the settings from Top-Right corner of the lobby. Then jump to Controls. There you’ll see Visual Effects settings.

Play Free Fire MAX in 2GB RAM Mobile
Free Fire MAX Visual Effects

There are three options in visual effects settings i.e. Classic, Dark and No Blood. Select No blood. After allowing this setting, you won’t see blood effect during zone damages and other places.

This setting will also help you to reduce high usage of your system and also it doesn’t impact your gaming experience too much.

Graphics Settings

In the settings, go to display. Here you have to make two settings. First make the graphics settings to Standard if it is at ultra. And then select Normal in the FPS settings.

I’d recommend the smooth graphics if you can compromise with it and happy with other features of Free Fire MAX. Because it’ll highly decrease the load on your system and also prevent quick heating of your device.

FPS is the Frames Per Second. It means if you go for High FPS, it is expected to experience much more smoother movement and visuals but since your device is not that stronger, you should always keep it to Normal.

Don’t worry, these settings won’t bring that much impact on your gaming experience.

Play Free Fire in 2GB RAM mobile
Free Fire MAX Display Settings

FF MAX Settings

You’ll see a different setting option than the normal Free Fire at the bottom of settings. i.e. FF MAX settings. This is especially made for FF MAX so that players can change essential options that might be causing higher load to the system.

All you’ve to do is, go to FF MAX settings and do the following four changes:

  • Select Login Video to off
  • Make the Lobby Style to Classic
  • Turn off the HD Texture setting
  • Also, do the Vehicles effect off
Play Free Fire MAX in 2GB RAM mobile
FF MAX Settings

These were some important settings that will help you to play Free Fire MAX in 2GB RAM or higher RAM mobile without lag.

Exclusive Tips and Tricks (Other than FF MAX settings)

These are some of the tips and ticks that you can apply to your phone to play Free Fire MAX in 2GB RAM mobile efficiently. Before opening the game,

  • Turn off notifications of apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube etc.
  • If possible turn on airplane mode
  • Close all the recent tabs because they consume more RAM
  • Delete useless files and applications from your phone and keep your device with maximum free space
  • Clean up junk from your phone
  • Make sure your phone isn’t already heated

Some FAQs about Free Fire MAX

Can I play Free Fire MAX in 2GB RAM mobile?

Yes. Of course you can but you may face some lag issues. You can obviously get rid of those issues by changing some settings as mentioned in this article.

What is the minimum RAM requirement to play Free Fire MAX?

2GB RAM. You can actually run Free Fire MAX on 2GRB RAM device which is the minimum RAM requirement.

Cab I play Free Fire MAX in 1GB RAM?

No. You can’t play Free Fire MAX in 1GB RAM mobile. Even if you’re able to open the game, you won’t be able to play it properly.

Can I play Free Fire MAX in 2GB RAM without lag?

Yes. You can play Free Fire MAX in 2GB RAM mobile by adopting some useful settings, tips and tricks mentioned in the article.

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