Next Weapon Royale In Free Fire (January 2022) – See The Skin & Attributes

Next Weapon Royale In Free Fire: Garena Free Fire brings plenty of events daily in the game. Some events cost you diamonds whereas some are absolutely FREE. Free Fire lovers know this very well. Players are addicted to this game in such a way that they want to buy every item that comes to the game.

There are some periodic events in the game that come after certain days. The luck royale section of the game is of that kind. Free Fire Gold Royale, Free Fire Diamond Royale, Free Fire Weapon Royale, Free Fire Incubator, Free Fire Faded Wheel are the major events under the Free Fire Luck Royale section.

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Free Fire Weapon Royale

Free Fire Weapon Royale is one of the Luck Royale events in Free Fire that come or say refreshes after a few days. Free Fire Weapon Royale consists of various gun skins but the grand prize is only one. Grand prize is the main legendary gun skin of the weapon royale which comes with a new gun skin after certain days. Introducing a “new gun skin in the Weapon Royale” cycle continues. The weapon royale changes once after a couple of weeks.

Next Weapon Royale In Free Fire – January 2022

Next Weapon Royale In Free Fire
Next Weapon Royale In Free Fire

M82B Vampire Malevolence (Weapon Royale)

The next weapon royale in Free Fire is going to be the M82B Vampire Malevolence. M82B is one of the most popular snipers in the game ever. After a so long time, Garena Free Fire is going to introduce an M82B skin in the weapon royale.

It will be available in the game on 27 January 2022. If I talk about the reaction of players about this skin, the players are gonna like this especially the sniper lovers. M82B is ultimately famous for its capability to penetrate the Gloo walls. This skin is coming with an increased penetration attribute that will help to make it more popular.

Let’s see what are the changes in the attributes of this skin.

M82B Vampire Malevolence Attributes

  1. Penetration (++)
  2. Reload Speed (+)
  3. Movement Speed (-)

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My Opinion To Spend Diamonds Or Not for this

If you have the weapon royale vouchers, you should definitely use them to spin the royale but also, if you’re a sniper player/lover, you should definitely spend your diamonds for this if you can afford it. I never encourage you to spend your real money in the game until you earn it yourself. This is my personal opinion. But of course, if you like using this weapon and can afford the diamonds, go for it.

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How To Get Free Fire Weapon Royale Skin?

Follow these simple steps in order to get the Weapon Roayle Skin in Free Fire.

  1. Go to the weapon royale section
  2. Spin the royale with 40 Diamonds for 1X Spin or 400 Diamonds for (10+1)X Spin.
  3. If you have sufficient diamonds and your luck star ahsn’t reached near 100, you should spin the 10X Spin because it gives you an extra spin which will also help you to increase the luck stars.
  4. If you have the weapon royale voucher, it will use them for the spin until they finish.
  5. That’s all you need to do

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I hope you found this article about the next weapon royale in Free Fire useful.

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