Next Gold Royale In Free Fire (January 2022)

Highlight: The Next Gold Royale In Free Fire is going to be released on 20 January 2022.

Garena Free Fire has over 100 Million Daily active players and they enjoy playing Free Fire because of some reason. For some players, the regular updates and events in the game are the biggest reasons for that. So you can now imagine the hype created for the upcoming updates and events in Free Fire.

We’ll be discussing one of the most awaited periodic events in Free Fire called “Free Fire Gold Royale”. And also see what’s the next Gold Royale in Free Fire.

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Next Gold Royale In Free Fire [Bundle]

The next Gold Royale in Free Fire is going to be released on 20 January 2022 after the OB32 Patch update which is going to be on 19 January 2022. There are a great many changes in the Free Fire OB32 Update. Gold Royale is just the periodic event that we all know comes after each OB update. The current/previous Free Fire Gold Royale is a female bundle. So, this time a male bundle will be there.

Next Gold Royale in Free Fire
Next Gold Royale Bundle


Bluesilk Royalty Bundle is the next Gold Royale in Free Fire. It’s a male bundle. The bundle theme is around the purple-golden color combination. The bundle looks like a formal dress for a wedding party. Overall, the looks of the bundle are good. To see my personal opinion about this bundle, just scroll down to my review section.

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Free Fire Gold Royale usually doesn’t provide a very attractive and premium bundle. In very rare cases, Garena Free Fire has provided premium-looking bundles. That’s the reason, you shouldn’t expect more from the Gold Royale. Also, the reason behind this is the Gold Royale is a Free event. You don’t need Free Fire Diamonds to spin the Royale. The Gold coins are used for it which can be obtained easily by playing the game for Free.

My Review About Free Fire Next Gold Royale Bundle [January 2022]

Overall I liked the Bundle. The costume is inspired by the past costumes of Free Fire that can be a reason for most of the players not to like this. This is my point of view based on my experience. But I personally liked it very much. It will be perfect for me to boost my in-game costume collection. Genuinely saying, the bundle doesn’t have a single unique concept and design including the hairstyle.

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How To Get Next Gold Royale In Free Fire January 2022

Follow these simple steps to get the next Gold Royale in Free Fire.

  1. Open the game and go to Luck Royale section
  2. Make sure you have sufficient Gold coins in your Free Fire account
  3. Select the Gold Royale
  4. Spin the Royale
  5. I you have Gold Royale voucher, you spin will use them
  6. Spin 10 at once. It will increase the probability to get the bundle earlier
  7. 10 X Spins give you 1 extra item and one extra lucky star
  8. When you get the bundle, it will show a ‘Congratulations’ screen
  9. After you get the grand prize bundle, the lucky stars will drop to zero

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