Next Faded Wheel In Free Fire (November 2021)

Headline: Next Faded Wheel in Free Fire will be available on 27 November 2021

Garena Free Fire popular as ‘Free Fire’ is the mine of new events that come on a daily basis. You can see new events in Free Fire every single day and this is the fact that makes Garena Free Fire addictive. Players including me want to see new events every day which compels us to open the game every day.

Free Fire has a very systematic system of bringing new events into the game. Most of its events are ‘periodic events’ in which a particular type of event comes after a few days with new items whereas some are collaborative events that usually come once or twice in a couple of months.

Most Popular Periodic Events in Free Fire

  • Diamond Royale
  • Gold Royale
  • Weapon Royale
  • Faded Wheel
  • Elite Pass
  • Incubator

Free Fire New Event Today in Indian Server

Next Faded Wheel in Free Fire (November 2021)

The Next Faded Wheel in Free Fire is going to be on 27 November 2021. There will be two grand prizes in the faded wheel. The first one is the Fist skin and the second one is a male bundle. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Free Fire Next Faded Wheel in November
Img Credit: @aorus69_ofc

Event Details

Event NameFaded Wheel
ServerIndia, Bangladesh
Event Duration27 November – 3 December 2021
Free SpinAvailable
Grand PrizesFist Skin and Male Bundle
Parent EventBooyah Day 2021

Grand Prizes

1. Bone Fist (Fist Skin)

Free Fire Next Faded Wheel grand prize
Img Credit: @magamers.ofc

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2. MASKED WARLORD (Male Bundle)

Free Fire Next Faded Wheel bundle
Masked WarLord

All Prizes Of Free Fire Next Faded Wheel

1Bone Fist (Grand Prize)
2Pet Food
3MGL140 Skin Crate
4Surfboard Skin
5Resupply Map Card (3 Days)
6Masked WarLord (Grand Prize)
7FAMAS Skin Crate
81X Magic Cube Fragment
9Parachute Skin
10Weapon Royale Voucher (Time Limited)

How To Get Grand Prize in Free Fire Faded Wheel?

Follow these simple steps and tips/tricks in order to get the grand prizes in Free Fire Next Faded Wheel. Make sure you have at least 500-600 diamonds in your Free Fire account.

  1. Open the game and go to luck royale section
  2. Choose the faded wheel event (there may be multiple/ choose one which you want)
  3. Remove any two removable items (except grand prizes) from the given rewards [People say if we remove the magic cube fragment, there is a high chance to get the grand prize earlier]
  4. Spin the wheel with ‘Free Spin’
  5. Definitely, you will not win the grand prize with Free spin. If won, you’re so lucky.
  6. For the first 2-3 spins after the free spin, you’ll need to spend a very few diamonds starting from 9 diamonds
  7. The diamonds required to spin will be increasing after each spin
  8. Usually, the grand prizes are won at the last when all other prizes have been won

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