Next Diamond Royale In Free Fire (December 2021) – Enchanted Fable Bundle leaked

Highlight: The next Diamond Royale in Free Fire is the Enchanted Fable Bundle (male) releasing on 13 December 2021.

Garena Free Fire releases a bunch of events daily and those events contain some exclusive rewards and items that you can buy using Diamonds which are the in-game currencies of Free Fire. But there are a few events in which there is a way to obtain the rewards and items for free.

Free Fire Diamond Royale is one of such freemium events where if you have enough diamonds you can spin the royale and get the bundle surely but if you don’t have, you need to wait for some more days and spin the royale using diamond royale vouchers. It’s a very rare case if you get the Diamond Royale Bundle with vouchers without reaching 100 Luck stars. But once you reach 100 luck stars, there’s a 100% chance you’ll get it.

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Next Diamond Royale In Free Fire (December 2021)

The next diamond royale in Free Fire is going to be there on 13 December 2021. The grand bundle of the upcoming diamond royale is leaked. The picture below is the next Free Fire diamond royale.

Free Fire Next Diamond Royale in December 2021

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Enchanted Fable Bundle

The upcoming Diamond Royale bundle is quite good enough to fascinate the players. The purple theme is an eye-catchy element of this bundle. The cap on the head is looking attractive. I think the bundle’s pants and the cap are going to be used the most in the upcoming days. Overall I personally liked this diamond royale bundle and I’m definitely going to spin the royale.

How To Get Next Diamond Royale In Free Fire?

Follow the simple steps given below to get the next Diamond Royale Bundle.

  1. Open the game
  2. Go to the luck royale section
  3. Select the Blue Tab (Diamond Royale)
  4. If you have diamond vouchers, spin with them (Note: If you have at least 10 vouchers then spin the 10X because it will give you an extra reward as well as increase the luck stars too.)
  5. If you have enough diamonds to spend, spin continuosly until you get the bundle
  6. Once your luck stars reach 99, you’ll definitely get the bundle on 100th spin
  7. Somethimes people get it without reaching 100. But it’s a very rare case and you need to have extraordinary luck for that.
  8. When you win the grand bundle, a ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ animation shows up.

That’s all you need to know about the next diamond royale in Free Fire. I hope you guys will love it.

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