Next Diamond Royale Free Fire (January 2022)


Garena Free Fire has a number of in-game events in which you get different bundles, gun skins, Gloo wall skins, etc. Some of these events are periodical whereas some are “sometimes coming” events. We’ll be talking about the Next Diamond Royale Free Fire that is going to be live in a few days on the Indian Server.

Mostly, the rare and exclusive rewards are paid. That means you’ll have to spend diamonds which are in-game money of Free Fire to get the particular bundle or skin. There’re several periodic in-game events that come every month/ week/ 20days. Luck Royale is the collection of such events in which you can see multiple diamond spinning events that hardly give you the grand prize after spending so many diamonds.

Diamond Royale is one of those collection elements of luck royale. This is a periodic event of Garena Free Fire that renews every 15-20 days. This luck royale is all about bundles. You’ll see different new bundles and their parts in this collection. Some bundles are truly eye-catching but not all at all. Those which are too fascinating for the players become rare in the future. So, getting those bundles before they become rare is not a bad deal also.

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We never know which are going to be rare in the future but of course, it depends on you how you think of those bundles. So, you should guess the future of the rarity of these bundles and then only spin for them.

Diamond Royale Free Fire
Example of Free Fire Diamond Royale

Note: You should carefully spend your real money for such virtual money (diamonds) in a game until you earn that money yourself. Because spending parents’ money on these kinds of stuff is not a good practice.

But, one thing Garena Free Fire does fair is they give a chance to get those luck royale bundles for absolutely FREE..! Since it’s Free, you need to wait a few weeks or even a few months to get a bundle from diamond royale for free. This is because you need the Diamond Royale Vouchers that give you that chance to get them for Free. You can collect these vouchers through different frequently held in-game events.

Next Diamond Royale Free Fire

The Next Diamond Royale Free Fire will be available on 24 January 2022. This will be a male bundle named ‘Dawnlit Hitman Bundle’.

Next Diamond Royale Free Fire
Next Diamond Royale Free Fire

Dawnlit Hitman Bundle

The next diamond royale Free Fire is going to be Dawnlit Hitman Bundle a male bundle. You can see the image of the bundle above. It is a red-themed bundle. It’s quite similar to the Cobra red bundle. Overall, this is quite a good one. It will be available in the Diamond Royale on 24 January. You can definitely spin for this costume. But, I’d suggest not to spend money rather go for the freeway to do this. I mean using the diamond royale vouchers.

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My Review about The Next Diamond Royale Free Fire

From my point of view, it’s not that cool. Much more stylish and cool bundles have already been in this game. This time, I think very few people are gonna be happy with this. This is because of the similar design. A similar kind of costume i.e. Cobra has been already there in the game. I’m not saying this is a very bad one but, it doesn’t have that level that can help it to become a rare one in the future. But, its simple design and a red/scarlet color theme will fascinate the players.

Overall, I liked this bundle and I’ll definitely be spinning the next diamond royale Free Fire in order to get this. Will you?

Steps To Get Next Diamond Royale Bundle in Free Fire for FREE

Just follow these simple steps to get the upcoming Next Diamond Royale Free Fire Bundle for absolutely Free:

  1. Open the game
  2. Make sure you have sufficient diamond royale vouchers
  3. To check whether you have sufficient vouchers or not, see the top right corner area, there you’ll see the number of vouchers you have.
  4. Then, spin the royale
  5. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the bundle. (Usually your luck is decided by Garena Free Fire 😅)

If your Lucky Stars are equal to 100, you’ll definitely get the bundle. The ‘Lucky Stars’ increase by one after each spin. If you’ve already reached near 100 stars, your chances of getting that particular bundle will be high.

Even if you have limited diamond vouchers, spin the royale because it’ll increase your lucky stars. Once your lucky stars reach 100, you’ll get that particular bundle with a 100% guarantee.

I hope you guys liked the leaked information about the next diamond royale Free Fire.

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