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How to play Free Fire in 2021? Guide for New Players

This article will take you through the Basic Introduction of Garena Free Fire as well as the Step By Step Guide on how to play Free Fire on Mobile.

So stick till the end of the article to know more and more about the best way to play Free Fire.

What Is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is a shooting Video Game. It is a multiplayer survival game in which you’ll have to fight against the other players like you. 
They will be your in- game enemies whom you have to kill to get victory which is called BOOYAH in Free Fire. This game is available for the both platforms i.e. Android and iOS.
I’m pretty sure that you would have got an idea that what Free Fire actually is. 
Now finally, let us learn that how to play Free Fire on Mobile with a step by step process.

How to play Free Fire as a Beginner?

There are very few steps to be followed to play Free Fire as a Beginner. If you follow these simple steps then you won’t have any kind of confusion in mind. 
When you open the game, you’ll see many things on the screen and you may confuse what to do seeing so many options.
How to Play Free Fire
That is obvious for a new player but don’t worry you’ll know all those options gradually.
I’d recommend you not to go for all those options in a single day. Give some time to the game you’ll automatically know all those.
As a new player give your attention only for the basic things like how to play Free Fire actually as a beginner.
Step 1: Click on the start button. You’ll see a circular progress showing ‘Matchmaking‘. It may take up to 1 minute or sometimes more than that to complete the matchmaking.
After this Matchmaking Period, you’ll be taken on an Island temporarily called Lobby until all the players are ready for the battle. There will be a timer on the top.
Step 2: After the Lobby, You’ll be in an airplane going over a big Island which is the actual Battleground for the players.
You’ll see an ‘Eject’ Button. You have to click on it so that you’ll land on the Battleground.
Note: When you are playing as a new player it doesn’t matter where you land.
But as you go on playing the game for some days you’ll need to Identify the places where you can get more Loot ( Weapons and all other equipment) because all locations aren’t best for the best strategy in the game.
Before going on a very detailed explanation of third step, if you want to learn the overall idea Go To Summary directly down the article.
Step 3: After you land on the ground you’ll have to search the weapons and different equipment that will help you to fight against the enemies.
After landing, you’ll see many buttons on the screen. Your movement and gameplay is controlled by those buttons. So to play the game actually you’ll need to understand what are the function of those buttons.
Have a glance on the following quick introduction of those buttons:

The Top 10 Most Important Components in Free Fire:

1. Move Button: The movement button allows you to move your character in all possible directions in order to explore the island and fight for the survival.
Move or Movement Button in Free Fire
Move Button

2. Guns: You can see the guns’ section from where you can switch the gun with which you want to fire at the moment.
Selection of right gun is one of the most difficult tasks in front of Enemy. If the enemy is at a larger distance you must take a long range gun and for lower distance you van take a short range gun.

Guns in Free Fire
Guns’ Section
It will take some time to understand about the guns and their abilities if you’ve not played such surviving games yet.
3. Fire Button: You can see the fire button in the right side of your screen. However you can also enable a left fire button from the settings.
Fire Button in Free Fire
Fire Button


This fire button allows you to shoot on the enemies to kill them.

4. Run (Sprint)  & Jump Buttons: Running and jumping both are the key movement in the game. Without these two actions one cannot defeat the enemy if the enemy is quite experienced also called Pro Player.


Sprint and Jump button in Free Fire
Run And Jump Button


You must have a good control over these two buttons and you must practice for these actions in the game to become a good player. It helps for the fast movement and ultimately helps to kill the enemy.

5. Health Power (HP) Bar: You can see a bar at the bottom which shows how much health power you have at the moment.
Every player is given an HP of 200 in the starting of the game. You will be in the game until you have at least 1 HP. If you lose your all HP, you’ll lose the game. 
Whereas, if you survive until the end of the game without losing you all HP, you’ll win the match.
The HP decreases due to the following things:
  • When enemy fires on you due to which you get damaged.
  • Jump from a very high altitude.
  • When you’re out of safe zone.
Note: HP is the only thing that keeps you in the game. So one must focus on his/her HP to be in the game.
HP indicator or HP bar in Garena Free Fire
HP Bar 

The following activities can be done inside the game to reduce the decreasing rate of the HP:
  • Use vests that you’ll find in the game randomly.
  • Use helmet.
  • Eat mushrooms that you’ll find in the game on the land.
  • Use Inhaler.  
Note: The vests and helmets are divided into different levels. Higher the level of the vests and helmets, lower will me the decrease rate of HP.
6. Healing Button: This option allows you to heal yourself when you’re damaged either by enemy or  due to another cause.  
Medkit in Free Fire
MedKit Button
The healing substance used is called as MedKit in Free Fire. Better to have more MedKits with you because it helps a lot while fighting against an enemy. 
One can find these MedKits anywhere on the land in the Game randomly. You need to collect them.
7. Backpack OR Inventory: This is the space where you collect all your weapons and equipment. It is very necessary to keep  your inventory space managed. 
Inventory Space or backpack in Free Fire
Inventory Space

Those materials which you want keep and to others drag out from the inventory. Larger inventory space makes you able to keep the most efficient materials by which you may win the match.
So remove all the unwanted things from the backpack. 
8. Revive Button: Revive button is simply the function by which you can Revive (give life) to your teammates when they are taken down by the enemies.
what is Revive Button in Free Fire?
Revive Button
Note: This option will only visible when you go near the knocked down player ( Your friend playing with you). 
If you’re playing solo match then this option will never visible to you.
9. Scope Button: Scope button is a very useful option by which you can see the enemy in zoomed version. It means if the enemies are farther and you’re not able to see them clearly it will help you.
Scope button in Free Fire
Scope Button

It is better to scope on the enemies to make clear shots and even headshots with more damages so that the enemy gets finished in few seconds. 
10. Gloo Wall: This is the thing that can make you the king of Garena Free Fire. It is a temporary wall that protects from the enemy which can resist damages up to higher extent. 
If you become able to use this gloo wall efficiently, you are gonna be a legendary player. I called it as a temporary wall because it gets vanished after few minutes. 
What is Gloo Wall in Free Fire?
Gloo Wall

This is a very interesting thing in this game. Even we can say that this is one of those things that makes this game a unique, interesting and challenging game.
It is also the reason why this game is gaining so much popularity.
Step 3: After landing, you’ll have to survive till the end of the game/Match to get victory. 
The Steps to Survive on the Island are as follows:
  1. Search for the best weapons that may hep you.
  2. Only pick up those things that you need.
  3. Search enemies and kill them.
  4. Also, do not wonder from the middle of the map as a don but survive as commando and soldiers.
Step 4: If you survive successfully and remain alive till the end then You’ll get Victory that is called BOOYAH!.
What is BOOYAH in Free Fire? Booyah in Free Fire

All of the above mentioned steps are the most basic steps to play Free Fire as a beginner.

The summary On How to Play Free Fire as a New Player:

Step 1: Start Matchmaking by clicking on the start button after selecting the game mode you want to play.
Step 2: After a few seconds, you’ll have to land on an Island from an Airplane by clicking on the eject Button.
Step 3: After landing, you need to search for the weapons anywhere randomly on the battle field.
Weapons and other equipment are more likely to be found in Houses.
Step 4: Kill the enemies if they come in front of you. But try to hide yourself from the enemies as a new player. Survive till the and get victory called BOOYAH!
I hope you like the article and would have got a knowledge about how to play Free Fire on Mobile.

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