How to increase KD Ratio in Free Fire? Maintain High KD 2021

Garena Free Fire has many factors which show how strong your Free Fire profile is. One of the most important and powerful factors is ‘The KD Ratio’.
Everyone wants to make his/her Free Fire profile stronger so that they can overtake other players.
We’ll be discussing about the steps in detail to increase KD ratio in Free Fire.
Before getting deeper into the topic, we need to understand what KD Ratio actually is. In this article we’re going to talk everything about KD Rate/Ratio in Free Fire.
Let’s discuss about it in detail according to the following Table of contents.

How to Increase KD Ratio in Free Fire?


Major factors to Increase Free Fire Profile Strength

Every player wants to have a strong Free Fire profile. But there are some important factors that make your profile stronger.  They are:
  • KD Ratio
  • Headshot Rate
  • Likes on Profile
These three are the most important factors whose value show your profile strength. You should focus on these three and try to increase them.

What is KD Ratio?

KD Ratio is the Kill-Death Ratio which defines how many enemies does the player kill per death. Simply, it is the ratio of kills to death. 
For example, let us consider a Clash Squad Match in which you did total 8 kills and you were killed 4 times by enemies all over the match then your K/D ratio of that particular match will be 8/4 = 2
It means you kill at least 2 players then only enemy kills you. Isn’t this interesting..?
The K/D Ratio shown in your Free Fire profile that may be of Clash Squad or Battle Royal is the average KD Ratio of all the matches you’ve played in that particular mode. Hope you understood about K/D Ratio.

Why people mostly see KD Ratio?

After knowing what is KD ratio, you’d have got some idea about why most of the players see other players KD ratio to calculate their pro-ness (Measurement of pro player is ‘pro-ness’ according to me😅).
Suppose I’m a random player who is inspecting your profile to estimate whether you’re a pro player or not. I go to your profile and see a KD Ratio more than 4 then obviously I’ll think you’re a pro player and want to play with you.
This is the power of K/D Ratio. 

Steps to Increase KD Ratio in Free Fire

There are some strategies, tips and tricks to increase KD ratio in Free Fire. Have a glance on some of those ways as described below.
  1. Do kills as many as you can.
  2. Try not to be killed by the enemies.
  3. You should not rush on enemies if you don’t have the confidence that you can kill them because if you can’t kill them they will 100% kill you. As a result your KD will decrease.
  4. Always keep the mathematical😅 formula Kill/Death=KD Ratio in your mind. i.e. KD is inversely proportional to death. If you die less, your KD will automatically increase.
  5. So, try to play safe. i.e. play by surviving.
  6. But, if you have confidence and kill power, go ahead and kill the enemies as KD is directly proportional to Kills.
  7. Play with your squads with whom you can talk while playing. When you get knocked by enemies, your squad members can revive you as a result chances of death will be less.
  8. Use proper character skill combination. I’d recommend you to use Wukong’s Character Skill.
  9. Keep you armors like Helmet and Vest on highest level while playing so that enemy cannot give you damages easily and hence you won’t be defeated easily. 
  10. Use the repair kit time to time.

Average KD Ratio of a Pro Player

Have you ever wondered about how much should be the KD Ratio of a Pro Player..?
If yes then okay. If not then a big okay..! Because I’m gonna say you the average KD Ratio that a pro player should maintain.
On an average, KD Ratio of a pro player should be above 3 in Battle Royal mode and near 2 in Clash Squad Mode.
If you already have you KD Ratio above 3 then it’s party time because you’re one of those pro players who can be compared with big names like Raistar, ajjubhai94, badge 99 etc. in India.
Generally, the K/D Ratio of BR mode is higher than that of CS Mode. I don’t think I’ll have to explain this.

KD Ratios of some High Rated Free Fire Players

There are some popular players and Free Fire YouTube content creators who play like legends. If you want to get some motivation or want to compare yourself with them then you can take the following data as a reference.
These are the Free Fire Indian Server players. Following are their Lifetime KD ratio of Clash Squad till now.
  • Raistar: 1.8
  • ajjubhai94: 1.9
  • GyanSujan: 1.29
  • Tonde Gamer: 2.16
  • Badge 99: 2.27
Hope you liked reading this article and cleared all your doubts and queries. Thanks for reading..!

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