How to Increase Headshot Rate in Free Fire?

The headshot rate in Free Fire is critical for distinguishing players from the rest of the community. Headshot rate is possibly the most significant parameter that shows how professional the player is within the game. Hence, all players desire to increase their headshot rates.

However, this is not a handy task at all. One must practice substantially and gain skills to master this technique. If you are having trouble landing accurate headshots, this guide is perfect for you. This includes a few pro tips and tricks that will help you improve your FF headshot rate.

That being said, before moving directly to the tips for making headshots, you should know the average headshot rates of pro Free Fire players and the factors that affect your headshot rate.

Headshot rate of pro players in Free Fire

Headshot rate of Killer FF
Headshot rate of Killer FF, a pro esports player (Image via Garena)

Typically, professional Free Fire players are able to maintain headshot rates around 30–50%. If you also have a headshot rate in the said range, you can consider yourself a pro FF player. However, this doesn’t mean that if you have a lower rate, you’re not a professional.

Those who showcase survival and tactical gameplay may not have an appealing headshot rate, and that is totally fine. Usually, the aggressive and gunplay masters boast higher rates and other stats such as K/D ratio, damage, etc.

Factors that affect your headshot-landing capability

Although it majorly depends on how you play and what your technique is to land headshots in Free Fire, the following factors may affect it technically:

Sensitivity settings

Sensitivity settings play a vital role in improving your gameplay, notably the movement speed and accuracy of shots. Essentially, you should keep your FF sensitivity settings well-optimized. Notably, the general sensitivity has a significant impact on your performance on hitting headshots in Free Fire.

Mobile devices you play Free Fire on

The sensitivity settings and other gameplay factors are highly affected by the capabilities of the mobile devices you play the game on. Generally, players in the community categorize their devices into low-end, high-end, and mid-end devices based on the RAM installed on them.

You should maintain the general value at 100 for a device with 2-4GB of RAM (low-end), between 80 and 100 for a device with 6GB or more RAM, and between 60 and 80 for a device with 8GB or more RAM.

Guns and their skins

Guns in Free Fire have unique attributes, and their skins add to their capabilities. As a result, these become notable factors that affect your headshot rate in Free Fire. Therefore, always use those guns and skins that have greater accuracy and rate of fire.

Expert tips and tricks to increase headshot rate in Free Fire

Follow the tested Free Fire tips and tricks below to see improvement in your headshot rate immediately:

1) Master Assault rifles and SMGs

SMG headshot tips and tricks

The rate of fire and accuracy of assault rifles and SMGs are noticeably higher. Utilizing these weapons will therefore enable you to improve your headshot accuracy. Additionally, these guns are relatively easy to use, allowing even novices to make accurate shots.

M4A1, UMP, Kingfisher, MP40, Scar, etc., are recommended gun options to start the practice with.

2) Practice the jump-headshot technique

FF jump-headshot trick

The jump-headshot technique is a very effective way of making headshots in Free Fire. In this practice, you have to first jump toward the enemy and then hit the fire button by dragging it toward the head of the enemy.

This trick increases the odds of landing a headshot with higher accuracy. Moreover, you can also practice the same technique by scoping in on the enemy. Many pro Free Fire players use this technique with SMGs such as the UMP and MP5.

3) Be still while dragging the fire button

One of the most common mistakes that many players make is that they fire at the enemies while moving which is the ultimate reason why they are unable to land accurate shots.

Always hold a position and then start dragging the fire button to ensure an accurate drag headshot. This is a master tip for you to increase your headshot rate in Free Fire.

4) Character skills also help make accurate shots

FF character skills for headshot

Characters are highly admired elements in Free Fire as these provide aid on the battlefield with their unmatched skills. Specific characters are provided with skills to deal with specific situations.

The developers have designed a couple of Free Fire characters that can actually help you increase the accuracy of your shots. The recommended characters are as follows:

  • Laura – increases the accuracy of shots while scoped in.
  • D-Bee – the accuracy increases when firing while moving.
  • Dasha – helps in handling the frustrating gun recoils.

How to check the headshot rate in Free Fire?

Checking the headshot rate is quite simple. However, new players may find it laborious. They can follow the steps below to know their headshot rate in the battle royale title:

Step 1: Open Free Fire.

Step 2: Head to the profile section by tapping on the profile banner located in the top-left corner of the lobby.

Step 3: Tap on the overview tab and then choose the mode in which you want to see your headshot rate.

checking headshot rate in Free Fire
Checking headshot rate in FF

Step 4: Scroll the stats to spot your headshot rate.

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