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How to Increase Headshot Rate in Free Fire 2021?


If you’re an old and experienced player of Free Fire then you must know the importance of headshots and Headshot Rate in Free Fire.

Headshots matter a lot to make higher damage to the enemy. Your couples of body shot damages can be replaced by a single headshot and you can make the kill with a single shot at that time.

1. How to Check Headshot Rate in Free Fire?

Follow the simple steps in order to check the headshot rate in Free Fire:

Step 1: Click on your Profile icon and get into the statistics center of your account.


Increase Headshot Rate in Free Fire


Step 2: Click on the Profile Menu Button as show in the picture below.

Increase Headshot Rate in Free Fire

Step 3: You’ll see a records panel like in the picture below. There are different records and data that reflects your performances and achievements in the game.

There are all three modes of Battle Royal whose detailed stats you can see by clicking on the Details Button as pictured below.



Increase Headshot Rate in Free Fire



Step 4: To see the Lifetime record and rates click on the modes you want to see of. 

For example, I wanna see the headshot rate of Solo Battle Royal Match that I have achieved since I’ve created my account in the game, then I’ll have to click on the details button of Solo Battle Royal Section then all my details will be visible.

Increase Headshot Rate in Free Fire

Step 5: You can change the mode that you want to see of. For Clash Squad Modes just click on the Button where Lifetime was written to change the mode you want to see.

Increase Headshot Rate in Free Fire

Step 6: You will see your Clash Squad details like Headshot rates, headshots, Kill death Ratio (KDR), Total Kills, Total Matches etc. that have been made in clash squad matches.

Increase Headshot Rate in Free Fire

Note: You can see each and every details in this process like how many matches you’ve played in the particular Season and how many of them have you won.

The most important thing to be noticed is your rates and all the records will be reset/ cleared after each season for Ranked Battle Royal and Ranked Clash Squad Modes.


2. What should be the headshot rate of a Pro Player in Free Fire?

If you’re thinking that a Pro Player can only be determined on the basis of his/her headshot rate then you’re absolutely wrong. There are many factors that determine a player’s proficiency. Headshot Rate is just one of them. 

The headshot rate in Free Fire determines how capable is the player in handling a gun and defeat the player showing the Gun Power.  

If you’ve a greater headshot rate it means that you’re more professional (Pro) in giving more damages to the enemies and defeat them by showing your Gun Power than others who has lower Headshot Rate.

Typically, a Pro Player has 30-50% Headshot Rate in Free Fire. But if the player is on the stage of Advanced Pro Player he may have Headshot rate above 50%.



3. What are the things the Headshot Rate depends on?


Increase Headshot Rate in Free Fire


You can increase the Headshot Rate by improving your gameplay and experience in the game. 

Though your Headshot rate is in your control there may be some external factors that may disturb your Headshot Rate. They can be the followings:

● Sensitivity: Sensitivity matters a lot for giving Headshots. The more is the sensitivity, the more tendency and ease will be to make headshots. 

● Gun Type And Gun Skins: Assault Rifles (AR Guns) and Sub Machine Guns (SMG) are more likely to give headshots. The rate of fire of these guns are usually higher due to which they help to make quick and accurate headshots.

Also, the different Gun Skins have different abilities and capabilities. It is easier to make headshots with the guns having “Increased Accuracy” And “Increased Rate of Fire”.

● Way of Firing on Enemy: The way of firing on enemy means how you move the fire button while firing. Firing by moving the fire button in suitable direction is more likely to give you a headshot.


4. Ultimate Tips And Tricks to Increase Headshot Rate in Free Fire:

⇨ Here are the ultimate experts’ Tips And Tricks to Increase your Headshot Rate in Free within a day.


  1. Keep the game Sensitivity Higher.
  2. Use those Gun Skins which have Increased Rate of Fire, Increased Accuracy.
  3. Always try to lift up the Fire Button while firing. When you start firing on enemy, after the aim gets locked just rise up your thumb so that fire button tends to rise up.
  4. Try to make Sit-Up system in which whenever the gun’s shots are not stable just stop firing immediately and sit- up once and start firing again.
  5. If possible, try to use Scope if you’ve 2x or 4x and follow the same process of sliding the fire button upward.
  6. If you’re using low rate of fire gun, always try to Scope on the head and make the shot because these guns usually have higher damage.
  7. If you’re using Sniper then always enable the Hold Fire To Scope option from Settings so that it will be easier to make headshots quickly.
  8. If the enemy is running or moving, move the Fire button in that direction where the enemy is running.

These were some of the Expert Tips And Tricks on how to Increase Headshot Rate in Free Fire within a day.



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