How To Get Verified Streamer Badge on Booyah?

The new streamers often get confused regarding the verified streamer badge on Booyah. Getting verified on Booyah is not that easy.

Most of the platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. have verified badge system which are shown near the profile name or picture. In the same way, Booyah also has its own verified streamer badge system.

Once you get verified on Booyah, your profile will come with a “Verified Streamer Badge”.

Verified Streamer Badge on Booyah
Verified Streamer Badge

You won’t be considered as a professional streamer on Booyah until you get this badge. Many streamers have a misconception that this badge will be provided to them once they join the Booyah Partner Program.

But it’s not like that..

In this article, we’ll be talking about how you can get verified on Booyah and get the badge.

IMPORTANT: You’ll hardly find any article/solution on internet regarding this topic. This article may be longer but I’ve explained in a very detailed manner. So make sure you read until the end.

How To Get Verified Streamer Badge on Booyah?

Talking straight forward, there is no any criteria to get this badge.

Let’s understand the reason why Booyah provide this badge so that it’ll be easier for me to make you clear about this badge.

There’re many people who stream on Booyah but most of them just want to earn money instantly without doing much work. On the other hand, there’re some people who actually want to become a professional streamer and does hard work.

Booyah gives this badge to only those who are genuine and really want to do work without spoiling their environment.

If you’re already a famous or well reputed streamer or creator on other platforms like YouTube and Facebook, you can easily get this badge. This is because it shows that they’re genuine and professional.

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This is the reason why some streamers have verified streamer badge even with few thousands of followers.

Even if you’re earning money by the Booyah Streamer Program, you may not have this badge.

All together, it can be concluded that Booyah manually verifies streamers seeing their stream professionality, regularity and audience engaging capacity etc.

If you do stream with all these qualities mentioned above, you don’t have to do anything more. You’ll be automatically given this badge. It depends how is you performance and on Booyah Team.

💡 Some important tips to get Verified quickly

These are my personally researched tips. If you follow them, you can get verified a bit earlier.

  1. Do the streams with a PC setup
  2. Use your facecam in the stream which will increase your face value and hence Booyah can recognize you quickly
  3. Use a good sound quality microphone
  4. Regularly upload short clips on Booyah
  5. Do giveaways to attract more audience and hence high audience retention
  6. You can also organize local tournaments
  7. If you have problem with doing giveaways, try to play like ultra legends so that viewers will be connected to you without expecting anything from you
  8. Try to play with your viewers
  9. Talk to them very politely
  10. Create fun in your stream
  11. Fix a timing for your stream and show your punctuality
  12. Do streams for more than 2 hours continuously

These were some of the tips and tricks than will help you to get verified quickly. These are not mandatory, but I’d recommend to follow them.

If you’re from India, you can watch this video which is in Hindi for more understanding.

YouTube Video by BCR Gaming

💡 Advantages of being Verified on Booyah

There are many advantages of being a verified streamer on Booyah. i.e. having a verified streamer badge on Booyah profile. Some of them are listed below:

  1. You’ll get the options to add Thumbnails and Drops to your Booyah live stream Drops on Booyah
  2. You’ll have a direct contact with Booyah
  3. You’ll get different rewards in Free Fire Account like diamonds, custom room cards, new event rewards in advance etc.
  4. Your stream will sometimes be featured on the top by Booyah
  5. More viewers will come than before
  6. You’ll get chance to play the streamer combat and other esports tournaments organized by Booyah for its streamers
  7. Viewers will gain trust on you seeing a verified profile
  8. Followers will increase rapidly
  9. The gifts sent by viewers like Bonfire etc. may be convertible to diamonds or other rewards

These were some most useful advantages of being verified on Booyah. Hope you loved this article and got something valuable.

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Thanks for reading..!

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