How to become a Free Fire Esports player? | Free Fire Esports 2021

The Free Fire Esports community is now one of the biggest esports community in the world. There are more than a billion players who play this game all over the world.
Esports has a growing future. So if you have the interest in it, you should definitely dive into this ocean. And don’t worry if you were searching for the proper guide to become a Free Fire esports player. I’m here.
In today’s era, gaming has become a good career option. Some people play just for entertainment, some play and create contents on YouTube and some play for the esports to make their esports career.
In this article, I’ll guide you through a complete roadmap to become a professional Free Fire esports player and build your esports career. 
Are you excited to go..? If ‘YES’ then let’s begin..!
I’ll be explaining you taking the context of Indian Free Fire esports community. The same or say similar pattern is followed in other countries too. So just get the idea from here and start your journey to become a Free Fire esports player.

💡 What will you see in this article?

  1. Things You Should Have
  2. Local Tournament experience
  3. FFC Mode open Qualifiers

Become a Free Fire esports player:

1. Things You Should Have

If I talk about the basic requirements to start your journey to become a Free Fire esports player then they are:

An Average Level Smartphone:

From the average level, I mean a good performing phone. Free Fire is not a too heavy game but when it comes to esports, you may face difficulties with a low end device.
As you know, when there’re too much enemies around you in Free Fire your phone starts lagging due to insufficient RAM and other system requirements.
You should play with a good performing smart phone with a RAM of at least 4GB but I recommend 6-8GB RAM. It makes your gameplay somehow lag free.
You can play with android phones like Pocox3, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra etc. and iPhones like iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 12 pro max etc.

A Strong Team:

As you know you have to play the matches with a squad of 4 players for any Free Fire esports match. So here a strong team is needed.
Form a strong team I mean the players of the team should have played significant number of matches together so that you can understand each other.
Coordination is a must between the players if you’re in esports because without coordination you cannot play even a single match. You have to play the matches by talking to each other and you should follow each other’s instructions.
Not only this, your team should have a better gameplay, each player should have expertise in some particular weapons/guns. This will make your squad a bit more stronger.

2. Local Tournament experience

Before playing big level tournaments i.e. national and international tournaments organized by Garena, I’d suggest you to play some local tournaments to have some basic tournament experience and the tournament pattern.
You should be used to with the tournaments and their formats. You can play local esports matches anytime but you cannot play big tournaments organized by Garena at any time. 
Local tournaments are organized by many esports communities and parties. You can play such tournaments organized by (Critical X), big YouTubers/Streamers etc. 
So you should be well prepared and ready for those big level tournaments by playing such local tournaments.

3. FFC Mode open Qualifiers

You can even skip the second step and directly start your journey to become a Free Fire esports player by playing big level tournaments organized by Garena. 
Whenever Garena organizes a tournament, a FFC mode can be seen in the game. Players can register their team/squad and start playing the open qualifiers matches.
Top scoring teams get messages through in-game mail. Once they qualify in the open qualifiers, they have to fight again for the league stage.
become a Free Fire esports player
Once you get into the league stage, your esports team will actually get some fame and audience retention. People will start knowing you and your team.
In the league stage, you have to fight for the Play-ins. There will be eliminations after the league stage ends. Top scoring teams go to play-ins. After that there will be semifinal and final matches. 
In this way, you can establish your own Free Fire esports team.   
Hope you get some valuable information from this article. Thanks for reading..!

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