How to Add Thumbnails and Drops in Booyah Live Stream? | Booyah Streamer Guide 2021

Booyah! App is a streaming platform where gamers do livestream and earn some money. It is owned by the owner company of Free Fire. i.e. Garena.

We’ll be discussing about “How to Add Thumbnails and Drops in Booyah”.

A new streamer usually face a lot of problems and have so many confusions regarding Booyah App and its streaming processes. Confusions like Eligibility, No Levels Achieved, Verified Streamer Badge, How to Add Thumbnails in Booyah Live stream and How to Add drops in Booyah live streams are common.

If you’re also having such problems and confusions then don’t worry I’m here to get you out of this. 

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In this article, we’ll be discussing about “How to Add Thumbnails and Drops in Booyah Live Stream”.

How to Add Thumbnails and Drops in Booyah?

Can everyone add Thumbnails and Drops?

The straight forward answer of this question is ‘NO’. The facility to add thumbnails and drops to Booyah livestream is not for everyone. 

There are certain conditions and criteria to be completed to get this facility. 

Basically, Booyah gives advanced options to add thumbnails and drops once you complete those criteria. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Criteria to Add Thumbnails

If you’ve been doing livestream on Booyah as a fresher, you’d know that you cannot add thumbnails to livestream. But on the other hand, you may have seen some streamers who have put attractive thumbnails to grab more audience.

Is it so unfair..?

Wait..! This is not unfair. Booyah has said once you get verified by Booyah, you will get this option to add thumbnails in your stream. From getting “Verified by Booyah”, I mean to say having Verified Streamer Badge.

Add Thumbnails and Drops in Booyah
Verified Streamer Badge

Booyah says they only provide this option to the verified streamers on Booyah to discourage misleading behavior of some people. So don’t worry.

Eligibility to Add Drops 

Drops are the prizes for your audience. Booyah has a drops system in which if the user has linked his/her Booyah Account with Free Fire ID then he/she can win exciting Free Fire prizes.

This option is kept to attract audience. If you also want to attract more and more audience to your stream then you should add drops to your stream. But the main problem is this option isn’t available for all streamers.

Even if you are a verified streamer on Booyah, you may not have got this option. 
Booyah says, “You should be a verified streamer along with a total of 400K followers on Booyah” to get add drops option. 

This is all what Booyah says but wait…wait…wait…!If you discover other streamers on Booyah, you’ll observe that many streamers who are verified but do not have 400K followers also add drops to their steam.

How is this possible..?

It’s all on the Booyah Team. They may provide you this option on the basis of your performance and regularity. But one thing you should never forget is you must be a verified streamer on Booyah to get this option.

What you should do?

If you’re already famous on other platforms like YouTube and Facebook, you won’t be struggling much to get verified streamer badge and hence thumbnails and drops adding options.

But, when it comes to a new streamer and no one knows you at that time you’ll need to give some extra efforts.

Follow these simple steps and suggestions to get Add Thumbnails and Drops quickly:

  1. Be regular with you streaming time.
  2. Stream at least 2 hours at once.
  3. Try to do live streams with facecam if possible.
  4. Engage your audience as much you can.
  5. Show professionalism in your stream like good quality voice/sound, high quality streams.
  6. Show your strong presence on Booyah.
  7. Create your own fan base.

These were some tips and tricks which you can follow if you’re not one of those famous or popular people whom people already know.

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Hope you liked this article and learnt something. Thank you for reading..!

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