10+ Websites To Get Redeem Code for Free Fire Daily

Get redeem code for Free Fire: Redeem codes are gaining too much popularity in the Free Fire community nowadays. Garena Free Fire organizes several events like esports tournaments live watching milestones and other tasks for the players and after completing them, they distribute those codes.

FFPL 2021 Winter Redeem Code For 500K Live Watching Milestone

A person having a valid redeem code can redeem the corresponding reward from Garena Free Fire’s official reward redemption site. We’ll be talking about the process of redemption of rewards by using redeem codes near the end of this article.

Redeem codes are useful only when Garena Free Fire officially distributes them. Because you’ll find many people/websites where they do scam with you. They do not provide genuine codes and waste your precious time.

As I said earlier, there’re a bunch of events that take place every year. Among them, some are not given that much importance whereas some are given high priority.

High priority events are usually organized by Garena Free Fire itself like regional and global tournaments etc.

Mainly in this article, we’ll be talking about some genuine sources from where you can get redeem codes for Free Fire daily.

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Why Garena Free Fire introduced redeem code system?

Any event needs an audience. This simple logic can explain this question. Garena Free Fire has a huge players base. So, any event in Free Fire mustn’t be smaller. Huge events require a huge audience. To do so, Garena Free Fire attracts people using redeem codes.

They keep live-watching milestones. For eg. 400K live watching

To complete the milestones people come to watch the matches and once the milestones are completed, they distribute the redeem codes on the screen or on their social media handles.

By using this redeem code system, players who complete the task only get the rewards, and hence they can have unique bundles and skins than others who didn’t get the rewards. If Garena provides the reward to everyone through in-game events, those rewards will not have that much value.

Websites To Get Redeem Code for Free Fire

Many websites provide redeem codes every day. But, almost none of them work when you go to redeem them. There might be some reason for that but most of the websites do scams. They provide random codes which never work at all.

You should only search for the redeem codes whenever there’s an event that provides redeem codes and you’ve missed catching the code.

There might be reasons for some codes do not work. Like,

  • Only limited people were allowed to redeem that code
  • The code may be expired. Mostly, the codes are released for limited time.
NOTE: The websites that I'll be sharing with you may not provide working redeem codes. But, these websites are more likely to give correct codes. If the codes didn't work, the reason may be from the above mentioned reasons. 

1. freefiregyaan.com

Of course, it’s our own website that provides genuine redeem codes for Free Fire. Free Fire Gyaan is a place where you get everything genuine about Garena Free Fire and helps you enjoy the game better with exclusive information and rewards.

IMPORTANT: You can come anytime to this website by searching freefiregyaan.com on google and exploring content including redeem codes. If you do not find what you are looking for, then only go to the websites listed below. The ultimate reason for this is, this whole website is dedicated to Free Fire related topics.

2. sportskeeda.com

SportsKeeda is a huge sports and esports news and updates platform. It has high authority. If you search for redeem codes for Free Fire, you must have found this website. There is a plethora of content on this website covering numerous categories and fields related to sports and esports. Due to this reason, I’m listing this site.

3. mpnrc.org

MPNRC.org is nowadays showing too many results for the search query “Free Fire Redeem Code” on Google. Yes, you can go to this website for the latest redeem codes but I’m not sure if all of them are working or say valid at a time.

4. news18.com

News18 is a news website where you can find the latest news covering several topics including sports and esports.

5. indiatoday.in

India Today is an Indian news company that also handles the indiatoday.in website where articles covering multiple fields including sports and eSports are published. Most of the news websites are covering gaming topics too.

But, I’d recommend you to analyze the articles quite deeply on such news websites because they provide overall contents. I prefer you to go for websites which are more dedicated to gaming or particularly for Garena Free Fire.

6. bgr.in

BGR is also an Indian news portal website that provides news and updates covering gaming topics too. Since, “How to get redeem code for Free Fire” is too frequently asked query on Google, most of the websites are writing about it. It also delivers articles in Hindi language.

7. insidesport.in

InsideSport is a sports news and updates website that covers eSports too. You can find many articles to get redeem code for Free Fire on these websites. They contain a list of redeem codes on each article, but I’m not sure if all they’re working.

8. republicworld.com

Republic World is an Indian news website that delivers contents in English language. Also, Republic TV channel is one of the most watched English news channels in India. As I said, most of the news channels are covering gaming topics, it does too.

9. dnaindia.com

DNA India is also a news website that focuses each categories and fields including sports and eSports. You can find articles to get redeem code for Free Fire on this website. But searching for such articles on these websites manually may be quite tough for you.

10. tech.hindustantimes.com

Hndustan Times is also an Indian news portal website that focuses on every field. You can find articles related to get redeem code for Free Fire in their dedicated tech category.

11. pocketgamer.com

PocketGamer is a gaming blog/website where you can find gaming related contents. It also covers the Free Fire redeem codes topic. Since it is only dedicated to gaming, it may be a better option than other news websites.

12. latestnews.fresherslive.com

FreshersLive is also a news and updates website where you can find many articles related to gaming. Its latest news category focuses the news and updates part where you can find articles related to Free Fire redeem codes.

How to redeem rewards from Free Fire redemption site?

Follow the simple steps as mentioned below to redeem any reward from Free Fire Redemption Site using redeem code:

Step 1: Go to Garena free Fire’s official rewards redemption site.

Step 2: There you’ll see login dashboard. Login there via your facebook or any other accounts with which you have created your Free Fire Account.

get Redeem Code for Free Fire
Rewards Redemption Site

Step 3: Fill out the required details with which you’ve created your Free Fire ID.

Step 4: After successful login, you’ll see three boxes. Copy the code and paste in the boxes. Then click on confirm.

get Redeem Code for Free Fire
Redeem Boxes

Step 5: If a pop up message comes saying Congratulations, it means you’ve successfully redeemed the reward and they will be directly sent to your in-game mail or vault.

Hope you liked reading this article about “How to Get Redeem Code for Free Fire”.

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