4 Ways To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire Using Booyah! App

A Free Fire player always wants to have enough diamonds in his/her account. But, the problem is diamonds cost money. Here, you need a solution that can help you to get free diamonds in Free Fire. Let’s talk about how you can do so with the help of the Booyah app.

Booyah App is a streaming platform where a gamer can stream any game and grab an audience. At first, it was designed for Free Fire players to create a Free Fire community where players will play and their viewers will enjoy. But, now any game can be streamed and their respective audience can enjoy it.

But the thing that only Free Fire players are enjoying is the bunch of free rewards like Diamonds, Bundles, and gun skins which are Free Fire in-game items. Other games’ players cannot get these rewards. However, there’re some rewards that anyone can get. For eg. Gift Cards and different plans and subscriptions.

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We’ll be talking about 5 Ways by which you can get FREE diamonds in Free Fire using Booyah App.

Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire Using Booyah! App

1. Clips Contest

If you have a plan to get thousands of diamonds for FREE, you should go for this feature. This is something that can give you more than your expectations.

Booyah brings different contests or say a best clip competition for a particular event or task. If your clip gets most of the likes, you’re gonna win the prize that is set by Booyah. Usually, the prizes are diamonds, emotes, bundles and rare pets, etc. And believe me, the contests are not that tough. You can win with very little effort.

You just need to come in the top 3 or top 5 most liked clips as mentioned in the event rule. And that’s all.

Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire from Booyah Clips
Clip Event Prizes Example

Booyah’s this feature will make you happy. Let’s see what you need to do to get free diamonds in Free Fire using this feature.

Follow these simple steps:

Note: You can only do these steps with a mobile phone.

Step 1: Open the Booyah app
Step 2: Go to the clips tab from the bottom
Step 3: Select the events tab from the top
Step 4: Look for the In-Progress events
Step 5: Click on the “More” option and then go to the Rules tab
Step 6: There, you’ll see every detail about the event
Step 7: You can see a “Join Now” button below just click it and you’ll be joined
Step 8: After you join the event, just follow the event rules and go on uploading the best clips that match with the event

Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire from Booyah Clips
Booyah Clip Event

You can upload as many clips as you want. I’d like to make you aware of the event rules. Read the rules carefully.

2. Watch To Win Event

One of the most frequently held events in Booyah! is the Watch To Win event. You can find this event almost every day and get FREE rewards. It is the most popular event in Booyah for the viewers because the chance of getting high-quality rewards in this event is very high.

Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire using Booyah App
Watch To Win Event

It is the set of only a few kinds of rewards. For a particular event, only 3-4 types of rewards are kept, and you get any one of them after completing the watch time as mentioned in the event rule. The rewards you get depend on your luck too.

A majority of users blame Booyah saying they do not get high-value rewards quickly. They only get Booyah tickets which aren’t that worthful for them.

The probability of getting diamonds in this event is very high. I’m saying this because even I’ve got more than 100 diamonds within 2 days.

Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire using Booyah app
Watch To Win Reward Claim

3. Livestream Drops

One of the best features in Booyah for its users is the Drops feature. Watching the streams for a couple of hours and in return, getting nothing in our hands is not that fair for the viewers. Considering this fact, Booyah introduced the Drops feature to its platform.

In this feature, the popular streamers can set some rewards with a timer and a set of conditions to win the rewards. If you follow those conditions then you stand a chance to win the reward.

Let’s see, how you can get Free Diamonds in Free Fire from the Drops feature of Booyah. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the Booyah App or go to booyah.live and log in to your Booyah account

Step 2: Make sure your Free Fire account is bound with your Booyah account so that rewards will be directly sent to your FF ID. You must bind these two accounts in order to get any reward.

Step 3: Search for the streams which have enabled Drops. You can identify such streams by seeing the drops icon. You should also check whether a timer is set or not because without a timer, you can’t believe the streamer.

Booyah Drop Icon
Booyah Drop

Step 4: Open the stream and click on the drop icon. You’ll see the details about the drop.

Step 5: If there’s any condition to be fulfilled to get the reward, fulfill those conditions and wait for the drop time.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get the reward. Here, I’m using the “Reward” word not “Diamond” because it depends on the streamer what he drops. But many streamers set diamonds too. So in this way, you can get free diamonds in Free Fire.

4. Booyah Streamer Program

Booyah Streamer/Partner program is a program run by Booyah that helps a streamer to earn money by streaming.

You might be thinking that why did I include this point here.

Well, let me explain..!

Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire using Booyah App
Streamer Tiers

You can also get free diamonds with this program. Once you join the program, you’ll have the option to choose whether you want to get diamonds or money. But, diamonds are only for the Casual Streamer Tier.

If you’re confused,

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Hope you’ll try at least one of the ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire. Happy reading..!


  1. About the first way, i have a problem with booyah app and that is the language of it is Russian and i cant undrestand a single word so i cant do the daily tasks and events and missions. I checked the language in settings but it is on english,then why everything is in Russian?

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