Free Fire x BTS: Collaboration emotes revealed (March 2022)

Garena Free Fire is almost ready to arrive in the game with a new global collaboration with a world-famous South Korean boy band BTS. The collaboration will bring a great many in-game events and items. Emotes, bundles, Gloo wall skins, etc are some of the examples of the items that players will see in the upcoming days in Free Fire.

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In this article, players will get to know about a few emotes which are going to be there in the Free Fire x BTS collaboration.

Note: Some information provided in this article may not be taken from official sources.

Emotes leaked for the upcoming FF x BTS collaboration

Here are the two emotes that players are going to see in the game in the upcoming days under Free Fire x BTS collaboration.

From my point of view, the emotes could be much better than this. Players will definitely like it. There is no doubt about it. The costume that you are seeing in the emote clip may come with the collaboration. I personally liked the costume and emote given on the left-hand side of the clip.

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Free Fire x BTS global collaboration expected date

The BTS collaboration with Garena Free Fire is expected to be online in early or mid-April. Till now, no official date is confirmed for the collaboration to be live. But, players can be sure about this to come in the OB33 update which will take place on 24-25 March (expected).

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