Free Fire Value Pack Up To 90% Discount – Better Than Mystery Shop?

Garena Free Fire keeps introducing new events every day. There are plenty of events and they are different from each other. They differ by the way of their playing style and getting the items. Some are paid events in which you need to invest your Free Fire diamonds whereas some are absolutely free. Paid events are more likely to give exclusive and premium items.

Before talking about the Free Fire Value Pack event that has come to the game and comparing it with the mystery shop, let’s see some most popular events and passes in Free Fire.

Most Popular Events in Free Fire

The above are examples of some of the most popular events in Free Fire but not the only these. New types of events are being added regularly to the game. Free Fire Value Pack is one of those new events that can beat even the currently popular event Mystery Shop.

Every event has its own quality. So, it would be quite not good to compare them but also we can see some of the aspects about these two events Free Fire Mystery Shop and Free Fire value Pack events so that they can be made comparable up to some extent.

Free Fire Value Pack Event – Up To 90% Discount

At first, you have to choose any one card from the shuffle. The number of diamonds that you choose will be the maximum diamonds you need. The diamonds can be 299, 399, 499, etc. There will be six categories among which you have to choose one item from each category. In this way, you can get 6 exclusive items with a fixed diamonds prize that can be as minimum as 299 diamonds.

The percentage of Discount depends on the items you choose yourself to complete your pack in the Free Fire Value Pack Event. You can understand it much better with my 'Customized Value Pack' below.


Free Fire Value Pack Event

Category 1 includes even the Elite Pass. Free Fire players know the craze of elite pass very well. They seek it in the mystery shop event and wait even for a couple of months for it so that they can get it for a cheap price. But, this time elite pass is available in value pack event too. This only item can chase the level of Mystery Shop. Also, there are some popular bundles each worth 300-1000 diamonds.

But Elite Pass in this event can be expensive for you if you only want the Elite Pass with a cheap prize because Mystery Shop has the potential to make it available for cheaper than 100 diamonds.


Free Fire Value Pack Event

This category has three Pets and their respective pet skins. If you already have the pet you want then you can choose its skin but if not then choose the pet that can help to improve your gameplay with its skill. Each category allows you to choose one item.


Free Fire Value Pack Event Emotes

Category 3 has mixed items including ‘Emotes’. Emotes are the items that every player wants. If you buy these emotes from the store it may cost you 500-1000 diamonds but from Free Fire Value Pack Event, you can get it at a fixed price with other items in the pack.


Other categories also have interesting items like permanent Melee weapons, Loot Boxes, Vouchers, Gun crates, etc. In this way, you have to make your own customized pack of 6 items.

You can see my customized pack in which I can buy all those 6 exclusive premium items worth 1835 diamonds only for 399 diamonds with a 78.3% discount. In my case, I’m getting a 78.3% discount but it may be different for you.

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Advantages Of Free Fire ‘Value Pack’ Over ‘Mystery Shop’

  • Value Pack gives you multiple exclusive items with a constant number of diamonds
  • You can partially decide your Discount Percentage yourself but in Mystery Shop it depends on your luck
  • It is best for you if you have limited amount of diamonds near 500 diamonds
  • You can customize your pack yourself

Advantages Of Free Fire ‘Mystery Shop’ Over ‘Value Pack’

  • If you get high discount percentage by your luck it will be too cheaper for you to buy anything you want
  • You don’t have to select a particular number of items as in the Free Fire Value Pack
  • It usually contains more premium and exclusive items than Free Fire Value Pack
  • Diamonds required is unpredictable for this because it can be as minimum as 10-50 diamonds
  • It is best if you have sufficient diamonds in your ID because its items with cheaper price can make you feel regret if you don’t have sufficient diamonds

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