[Leaks and Official] Free Fire upcoming events – All servers

Free Fire upcoming events: Garena Free Fire has a massive worldwide player base. The developers of Free Fire constantly introduce new events to keep players engaged and attached to the battle royale title.

We have already prepared the list of Free Fire new events. On this particular FFG page, you can find a directory of all the upcoming events in Free Fire, including events on all FF servers.

Therefore, anyone around the globe who plays Free Fire should bookmark this page in their web browsers for quick access to knowing what new events and free rewards are coming to their servers. The upcoming FF events listed below may have been discovered through official announcements or leaks.

Note: The Free Fire upcoming events noted down below from leaks are not guaranteed to be released in the future in the official game. Readers should stick to only official announcements to be sure.

Free Fire upcoming events – List of all upcoming events in Free Fire on all servers

Free Fire upcoming events
FF upcoming events

The following directory of FF upcoming events contains details such as event type, event name, event duration, source of news about the event, server, and more about each upcoming event.

Elite Pass Season 1 & 2 bundles are coming soon

Event Details

  • Event name: Not confirmed (Hip Hop bundles and Sakura bundles)
  • Event time: N/A (Soon..!)
  • Event type: N/A
  • Grand rewards: Season 1 and 2 Elite Pass bundles (Hip Hop bundles and Sakura bundles)
  • Server: Not confirmed (possibly India)
  • Source: Leak

According to a recently leaked Instagram post, posted by handles @bbbhaifreefire and @knightclown_, Free Fire players will soon spot the most awaited Hip Hop and Sakura bundles backing in the game.

The leakers are showing a strong belief that the events will arrive. If you too are excited about the bundles, save your diamonds for the future. Notably, the majority of the leaks by these data miners have come true and therefore the chance of the bundles to make comeback is high.

Next Diamond Royale

Event Details

  • Event name: Blue Renegade Bundle (Next Diamond Royale)
  • Event time: With the end of the current diamond royale
  • Event type: Diamond Royale
  • Grand rewards: The Blue Renegade Bundle
  • Server: Bangladesh (including Nepal)
  • Source: Leak

As per a recent leak posted by Instagram handles @sawgaming_2.0 and @knightclown_, the next diamond royale in Free Fire may be the Blue Renegade bundle for the Bangladesh server.

You can see the bundle with the end of the current diamond royale bundle. You will be able to win the grand prize for free if you have enough diamond vouchers; otherwise, you may need to send hundreds of diamonds.

FFWS Themed Events

Event Details

  • Event name: Multiple FFWS-themed events
  • Event duration: 18/19/20/26 November 2022
  • Event type: N/A
  • Grand rewards: Rewards in the FFWS Hyperbook, Evo Fist, Evo Bundle
  • Server: India, possibly others as well
  • Source: Leak

The data miners have leaked possible dates of upcoming events in Free Fire. As per the description of their Instagram post, they claim that the events will surely come but they are not very much confident about the dates.

The events will be themed around the upcoming Free Fire World Series tournament.

Magic Cube Store Update

Event Details

  • Event name: Magic Cube Store Update
  • Event date: 16 November 2022
  • Event type: Magic Cube, Free
  • Grand rewards: Magic Cube bundles
  • Server: Europe, possibly in other servers as well
  • Source: Official

The official Free Fire Europe Instagram handle has posted that there will be an update in the Free Fire Magic Cube Store on November 16. You can be ready with your Magic Cubes to claim exciting refreshed bundles.

November Elite Pass Discount

Event Details

  • Event name: November Elite Pass Discount
  • Event duration: 26/27 November 2022
  • Event type: Elite Pass
  • Grand rewards: Plenty of November Elite Pass rewards
  • Server: India
  • Source: Leak

As per a leak, Free Fire MAX players on the Indian server will spot an offer to upgrade to the November Elite Pass with a massive discount. If you haven’t already subscribed to the current Elite Pass, you can do so until the date to receive the benefits at a lower cost.

XM8 Pumpkin Incubator

Event Details

  • Event name: XM8 Pumpkin Incubator
  • Event duration: N/A (soon..!)
  • Event type: Luck Royale, diamond-required, spin to win
  • Grand rewards: XM8 Pumpkin skin (rare and legendary)
  • Server: India
  • Source: Leaks

This is an exciting Free Fire upcoming event. One of the rarest and most legendary XM8 skins will return back as per the leaks. Indian players should be ready with their diamonds in the FF MAX version as the original title is banned in the country.

Note: Readers should see the last updated date of this post and then only the dates mentioned alongside the Free Fire upcoming event to avoid misunderstanding.

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