Free Fire Season 44 Elite Pass (January 2022): Bundles and Other Items Leaked

Free Fire Elite Pass is a monthly subscription-based event that a user takes to get exciting premium rewards till the end of the month. The elite pass contains various items like male and female costume bundles, emotes, backpacks, surfboard, etc. All the items are themed particularly for that season. The pass comes every month season-wise.

The Free Fire Season 44 Elite Pass is the January 2022 month’s elite pass that is still to come in the game. Season 43 Elite Pass isn’t as good as it should be. But wait, the season 44 elite pass may be something that you like. Let’s have a look at the leaked trailer, bundles, and other skins right here and I’ll review them and also tell you whether it’s worth it or not.

Free Fire Season 44 Elite Pass (January 2022)

Free Fire Season 44 Elite Pass will be released on new year’s day i.e 1st of January. Let’s see the leaked trailer of it that is circulating around social media.

Leaked Trailer

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The season 44 elite pass bundles are somewhat like an Astronaut’s costume or an Alien’s costume with colorful spots giving a cartoon-like appearance.

Here are the most premium items that every player looks for in the Free Fire elite passes. All the items shown below will be in the Free Fire season 44 elite pass.

Vehicle Skin

Free Fire Season 44 elite pass vehicle skin
Vehicle Skin

There are too many colors on the vehicle skin which gives quite a fancy look. It will be more liked by color-loving players.

Kar98k Skin

Free Fire Season 44 elite pass weapon skin
Kar98k Skin

How this skin will look is shown above. To know its attributes, you’ll have to wait for its official release.

Female Bundle

Free Fire Season 44 elite pass female bundle
Female Bundle

The bundle has an Alien-like head. I like the jacket and shoes that she is wearing. Let me know in the comment which one did you like.

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Surfboard Skin

Free Fire Season 44 elite pass surfboard
Surfboard Skin

I’m not 100% sure if it’s the surfboard skin but by seeing it, we can guess. If it’s really the surfboard skin, I like it the most among all the items shown in Free Fire season 44 elite pass. It looks like a flaming astroid.

MAG-7 Skin

Free Fire Season 44 elite pass mag7 skin
MAG-7 Skin

MAG-7 is currently one of the most popular shotguns in the game. Its attributes are also not known right now. Just wait for the actual release to know more about it.

Male Bundle

Free Fire Season 44 elite pass male bundle
Male Bundle

It is the same as the female bundle. Overall I’d give a rating of 7 out of 10 to this season’s bundles including the female bundle too.


There won’t be any emote in this elite pass. This is quite disappointing for the players. An elite pass with an exclusive emote is more adored by the players.

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Backpack Skin

Free Fire Season 44 elite pass backpack

The backpack skin looks like a Jetpack. The whole Free Fire season 44 elite pass is around space, aliens, asteroids, etc.


Free Fire Season 44 elite pass loot box

The LootBox skin looks like a cartoony rocket from which stars are escaping out. This is quite cool to have.

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My Review – Free Fire Season 44 Elite Pass (January 2022)

Personally, I didn’t like the season 44 elite pass that much. Of course, there are some good stuff like the surfboard skin, LootBox, and MAG-7 skin but the male, female bundles, Emote are considered the most important items in the elite passes. The bundles aren’t that attractive and there is no emote in the elite pass. These are the two ultimate reasons for not liking this elite pass.

But of course, if you liked to take the subscription of season 44 elite pass, you can. I’d give this season’s elite pass a rating of 7 out of 10.

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