Free Fire New Mode PET MANIA: All You Need To Know

Headline: Garena Free Fire Introduces A New Mode PET MANIA in the Game

Garena Free Fire keeps introducing new modes in the game to give some new and unique experiences to its players. Basically, Free Fire is a battle royale game but there are some game modes that don’t have any connection to the battle royale. Garena doesn’t want its players to become bored by playing only a single mode like battle royale.

For example, Clash Squad was a new mode introduced in the game a couple of years ago and now it has become the most played mode of Free Fire. Clash Squad can be considered as a battle royale because it has almost every aspect of battle royale. Just a few differences are there between battle royale mode and clash squad.

Pet Rumble mode is an example of a newly introduced mode that doesn’t have any connection to the battle royale concept. It was designed based on the game Among Us. Among Us gained much more popularity during the lockdown period in India. This might be the reason to introduce such kind of mode in Free Fire. But unfortunately, this mode couldn’t get much retention by the players.

Similarly, Free Fire introduces a brand new mode PET MANIA in the game near the 1st week of November 2021. This game mode is also based on a game called Stumble Guys. You should try this game if you haven’t tried it yet.

Pet Mania Vs Stumble Guys

How To Play Pet Mania?

First of all, you have to download the Pet Mania mode package from the download center. After you download it, you will have the option to select the mode. There are two ways to play it:

  1. With Random Players
  2. By Creating A Custom Room

1. With Random Players

To play randomly, just go to the game mode selection and choose Pet Mania (Air Fair) and then click on start. Your matchmaking will be started. You will be entered into the game with a number of other players.

2. By Creating A Custom Room

You can also create a custom room for this particular game mode and play with your selected friends in the game. This will be much funnier and exciting than playing with random players. To do so, you need a dedicated Pet Mania Custom Room Card.

Pet Mania Custom Room
Pet Mania Custom Room

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Once you enter the game, you’ll only see pets around you because it’s a kind of pets racing battle. You will be playing with your equipped pet. There are two major buttons on the screen i.e. one for sprinting (running) and the other for jumping. This mode is quite funny and interesting too.

There are a couple of rounds in a single match that you have to clear to win the battle. At the end of each round, some players will be eliminated. The remaining players will go to the next round. Again, the same process continues. Finally, if you remain in the game until the last round, you’ll win the match. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. There will be too many obstacles in the pets’ race and you have to get out of them.

There will be a finishing line in each round. You can see the number of players needed to cross the finishing line at the top-right corner. Only these players can go to the next round. The rest of the players will be eliminated. So, you must cross the finishing line as quickly as possible before others to make sure you go to the next round.

It is quite difficult to maintain balance in the game which makes it much funnier and tough to get the victory.

My Opinion About Pet Mania

From my point of view, this mode is gonna be crazy for most of the players. I’m saying this because I have tried both ‘the pet Mania Mode’ and ‘Stumble Guys’. It is mainly focused to create a funny environment around the players’ circle and I liked it.

One thing that I liked the most is the Multi-Round Concept. Players have to go through eliminations and finally, the best player wins the battle.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about Pet Mania and will enjoy it much more by playing. At the time of writing this article, this mode isn’t added to the game yet. But, it’s going to be released very soon. Maybe within 1-2 days.

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