Free Fire OB38 update: New features that will excite you

Garena Free Fire OB38 update is just a few days away and as we all know that with every OB update the developers keep on bringing tons of new features and free rewards in-game such as we saw in the previous FF OB37 update.

As per the official sources, the developers will be launching the OB38 patch update on 11 January 2023. Usually, the maintenance period of every patch is around 5 to 8 hours and it ends around 5.30 PM IST.

Well, in this article, I will give you all the information and updates about the new features which are coming with Free Fire OB38 patch updates.

Upcoming new features in the Free Fire OB38 update

Here are the new features that you will spot in the new version:

1) New Character

free fire ob38 update
The Santino character in Free Fire

The new character, Santino, will be introduced in Free Fire MAX following the OB38 update. It has an amazing ability (Shape Splitter) that deploys a decoy for five seconds and you can teleport to that location. It will allow you to outsmart your opponents.

2) Weapon Leaderboard

free fire ob38 update

The Weapon Leaderboard is a new feature that will display the best players in the region for a particular weapon in the game. This will encourage gamers to push themselves and it will be available to see in-game after the FF OB38 update.

3) New Pet – Kactus

free fire ob38 update

Kactus is a new pet that is armed with a self-sustaining ability and it restores 10 EP per second when players stand still for 6 seconds in-game. Also, there is a limit to the maximum EP that might be restored using this ability.

4) Clash Squad Upgrade

free fire ob38 update

The CS mode has received an update which will create the mode even more exciting and engaging. Beginning with the OB38 patch update, the last safe zone will be shifted to an extent in Free Fire MAX Clash Squad.

5) Character Updates

free fire ob38 update

The developers have revised two characters which are Skyler and Kenta. They deal damage over time in an area to Gloo Walls on impact. However, it will reduce up to 50% of weapon damage when active, but drops to 10% while firing.

After the patch update, every character’s skill slot will be unlocked and players will easily use the slots without spending the FF coins.

Note: The Free Fire OB38 update release date mentioned in this article is officially confirmed by the developers, however, a few of the new features have been covered by the sources from the community.

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