Free Fire OB36 update: New character and pet

Garena is going to introduce new characters and pets in the Free Fire OB36 update as well as make changes to existing features. Recently, through the OB36 Advance Server, which debuted at the beginning of the month, we saw a number of changes, including a couple of new Free Fire characters and a pet.

The previous OB updates offered at least one character and pet in the game, and players expect a similar pattern this time in the OB36 update. This update is only a few days away and the community is so excited about it.

This article will give you all the details about the new characters and pets including their unique abilities.

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New mystery character and pet in Free Fire OB36 update

The Free Fire OB36 Advance Server featured two mystery characters and a pet to be launched in the game. However, Garena only revealed one character ability, which is described below in detail.

Mystery character (Male)

Free Fire OB36 update
The first mystery character (Image via Garena)

This character has an active skill called Rabel Rush. It has a movement speed ability to make players move faster but only for a duration of half a second.

In this ability, players can collect the stack to trigger it twice but between continuing uses, there will be a cooldown time of five seconds. The skill will be on cooldown for 40 seconds after each stack is used.

When your character is at max level, only the cooldown time will be changed and it will be reduced to 30 seconds.

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Mystery character (Female)

Free Fire OB36 update
The second mystery character (Image via Garena)

As per the FF OB36 Advance Server, there should also be a female character. Unfortunately, her abilities have not been revealed yet. Fans can hope for the best skill to come along with her.

New pet (Fang)

Free Fire OB36 update
The Fang pet (Image via Garena)

It is common to see a new pet introduced with every fresh patch update. This trend is being followed in the Free Fire OB36 update as well.

The new pet for the upcoming OB36 update is named Fang. The Fang pet has a unique ability called Wolfpack Bond that grants its owner 10 EP or 5 HP when a teammate is knocked out by a rival team.

Fang Pet will be on cooldown for 40 seconds after using up his ability. However, when you reach the max level, the player (owner) gains 30 EP or HP under similar conditions and the cooldown time will be reduced to 25 seconds.

Note: All the mentioned updates in this article are as per in Free Fire Advance Server, so the final update can be known only after the Patch Note update in-game.

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