Free Fire New Map Is On The Way: Event Calendar Leaked

Free Fire New Map: Garena Free Fire has 3 maps in the game till now. i.e. Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari. All these 3 maps have their own uniqueness that makes the players engaged and the level of excitement increases. But it has been a long time since the latest map Kalahari had come to the game. Players were also demanding a Free Fire New Map. I think Garena has considered the requests and is going to launch a new map in the game.

Nowadays, an image is circulating around the social media platforms about this update of the Free Fire New Map. We will be discussing that leaked information and see whether it is fake or real.

Social Media is something where people can post anything anytime. Everyone wants to get the attention of people. There are thousands of social media handles that provide the latest news and updates about Free Fire. But it is not necessary that all of them are 100% real. Some people do this to viral their posts and get famous. So, it is difficult to believe anyone.

Now, I will tell you about this leaked information about Free Fire New Map Event Calendar.

Free Fire New Map: Event Calendar

Free Fire New Map Event Calendar
Image Src: @Knightclown_ (Instagram)

This is the image that is circulating around the different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. I have taken this from a reputed and reliable social media handle as a source. Usually, this source provides the correct information about Free Fire’s upcoming events and updates. But only this reason doesn’t confirm that this event will be coming to the game as stated by the event calendar.

Let me try to give you some extra stuff to make you clear about it.

Free Fire New Event Today in Indian Server

Is Free Fire New Map Event Real or Fake?

Free Fire New Map Event is likely to be real. There are a couple of reasons to say his. Firstly, I’ve found this leaked information from 2-3 reliable sources that give 100% accurate information. Secondly, many Free Fire players were demanding a new map in the game. So, there is a high chance for this event to be legitimate.

Even, I found some people saying that Clash Squad Mode is going to be released for Purgatory Map too. These two leaks may be interrelated.

Free Fire New Map Event Rewards

Let’s see what you’ll have to complete in the event and what Free Rewards you’ll get throughout this event if it’s real. This event is more likely to be particular for the Indian Server.

There will be New Map challenges at the starting of the event. After completing those challenges, you’ll get exciting rewards. You can see there are too many Free rewards that are rare in the Free Fire Indian Server. So, if this event comes, it will be the happiest moment for you. Login for custom room card and Craftland card will be there which is really exciting. One thing I liked the most about this event is we don’t have to complete too many tasks. We can get those Free rewards just by logging in to the game.

Free Fire OB31 Advance Server Release Date, Activation key, Size, Server

There will be 5 exciting prize collections for five days login in the game. Genuinely, this may be the first time when Garena Free Fire is so kind to us. Login from 11 November to 15 November to get premium rewards for Free including Blood Moon Bundle and Woodpecker permanent skin etc.

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