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Free Fire New Event Today in Indian Server

Free Fire New Event Today: Garena Free Fire brings new and exciting events almost every day. This is the fact that makes its players curious to open the game to see what new has come to the game. Genuinely, this is the only fact that makes even me open the game every morning. But, some people cannot do open the game every day and see what’s new in the game. Maybe they are busy with their other works and don’t have the time to open the game, explore the new events and play.

If you’re also one of such people, don’t worry. I’ll provide you with the news and updates of each and every Free Fire New Event Today on this page. Just visit this page frequently and see what’s new in the game every day.

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Free Fire New Event Today

The events listed here will be the currently ongoing events and the newly added Free Fire New Events today. This is the place where you get the news and updates about the Free Fire New Events that you must know.

Battle In Style

Free Fire Battle In Style Event
Battle In Style

Event Details

  • Event Name: Battle In Style
  • Event Duration: 27 November 2021
  • Event Type: (Free) Complete mission & Login Reward
  • Event Rewards: Scar Legendary Gun Skin Crate, Free Login Reward emote

How To?

All you need to do is complete the given mission by Garena Free Fire during the live performance video on Garena Free Fire’s Official YouTube channel at 20:30 (IST). You’ll get the crate of one of the legendary Scar skins after the completion of the mission. Also, you have to Login to the game on 27 November to get a cool Free Fire Emote for absolutely FREE!

Rate UP Legendary Skin

Free Fire New Event Today
Rate Up Skin

Event Details

  • Event Name: Rate Up Legendary Gun Skin
  • Event Duration: 25 November – 1 December 2021
  • Event Type: Luck Depending Event

How To?

Free Fire New Event Rate Up Gun Skin

Choose any one of the given legendary gun skins that you want then click on Confirm. It will increase your chance to win that particular gun skin by 10 times. After that, you’ll need diamonds to spin the event. 25 diamonds for 1X Draw and 250 diamonds for (10+1) X Spin/Draws.

All the gun skins listed as grand prizes are legendary gun skins. The gun skins will be permanent if you get them. Though it consumes more diamonds, it can be Worth It if you get your Rated Up gun skin.

Free Fire Lucky Wheel

Free Fire Lucky Wheel Event
FF Lucky Wheel

Event Details

  • Event Name: Free Fire Lucky Wheel
  • Event Duration: 23- 30 November 2021
  • Event Type: Lucky Wheel (Spend Diamonds)
  • Diamonds Required: Minimum 1 diamond

How To?

Get To know more about this event from here..!

Get Anything In 1 Diamond 💎- Spin The Lucky Wheel 

Minor Events:

Free Fire Value Pack Up To 90% Discount – Better Than Mystery Shop?

Booyah Day 2021 UMP Faded Wheel

Booyah Day 2021 UMP Faded Wheel
UMP Evo Gun

Event Details

  • Event Name: Booyah Day 2021 UMP Faded Wheel
  • Event Duration: 13 November – 12 December 2021
  • Event Type: Faded Wheel (Spend Diamonds)
  • Diamonds Required: 1 Free Spin Available, 600-700 diamonds
  • Parent Event: Booyah Day 2021

How To?

As you know, there are 2-3 grand prizes in the faded wheel. You need to spend some diamonds to spin it and get the grand prize. Mostly, the grand prizes are obtained at the last or second last spin. So you must have sufficient diamonds in your FF account. The grand prize of this faded wheel is UMP Evo Gun. Evo guns have a separate fan base because of their cool effects and attributes.

Attributes (Max Level 7)

  • Damage ++ (+20%)
  • Rate Of Fire + (+10%)
  • Reload Spped – (-10%)

You need to upgrade the level of this UMP to the max level to get the most of its benefits which may cost you some diamonds. This Faded wheel provides you with 1 Free Spin. At first, you need to remove any two prizes from the wheel that you don’t want. Then spin the wheel for Free. Free spins usually do not give the grand prize.

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FAQs About Free Fire New Event Today

What Is The Free Fire New Event Today?

Here is the list of all the Free Fire New Events Today and all you need to know about them.

What is the Free Fire New Event Today in India?

Currently, Booyah Day 2021 event is there in Free Fire in Indian Server. Here is the list of all events today in India.

What is the best UMP Skin in Free Fire?

Booyah Day 2021 Evo UMP is one of the best UMP skins available in Free Fire. Its attributes are:
1. Damage ++
2. Rate Of Fire +
3. Reload Speed –

Here ‘+’ stands for 10% increment and ‘-‘ for 10% decrease.


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