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List of new events in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire Gyaan)

[New!] Free Fire New Event Today in Indian Server

Free Fire New Event Today: Garena Free Fire introduces new and exciting events every day. This is the reason why players are greatly curious to open the shooter title on a daily basis just to see what new has come to the game.

Genuinely, this is the only thing that makes even me log in to Free Fire every day. However, due to various reasons, many people cannot do the same to take a look at FF new events. They might be busy with their own work and don’t have a bit of time to open the game, explore the new events and play.

Regular visitors of FFG will not have to worry about new events in Free Fire anymore. They can have a top view of the latest events and free rewards in FF through this article. This will provide the updated list of the majority of notable events going on in Free Fire on the Indian server.

Note: Since Free Fire is banned in India due to security concerns, all the events listed below should be accessed via the MAX variant. Players from the country are requested to play new events in Free Fire MAX.

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Free Fire New Event Today – Full list of events and tasks

The events listed here will be the currently ongoing events, including the newly added ones. This is the place where you get the news and updates about the Free Fire New Events that you must know. Notably, readers can learn about some key points about each event and the procedure to play each, by which they can earn rewards every day with FF new events.

Lucky Wheel

free fire new event today

Event Details

  • Event Name: Lucky Wheel
  • Event Duration: 30 July – 5 August 2022
  • Event Type: Luck-based event, Diamond-required, spin event
  • Grand rewards: Raindoll bundle, Top DJ emote, Flame wings

How To?

This is a luck-based event to get notable discounts on exclusive rewards. In this event, the luckiest people can get discounts in which they can acquire any of the items available there for just 9 diamonds.

To play this new event, you first have to make a free spin by clicking on the middle button indicating ‘Free’ to know the discount for yourself. If the wheel stops at 9 or 99 diamonds, you can purchase any desired item at the said amount of diamonds. If the wheel stops at any percentage, you should get the discount accordingly.

Therefore, you can even start playing this new Free Fire event if you have at least 9 diamonds.

Moco Store

free fire new event today

Event Details

  • Event Name: Moco Store
  • Event Duration: 3 August- 9 August 2022
  • Event Type: Luck-based event, Diamond-required, spin event
  • Grand rewards: Art of War UMP, Metallic Thompson, Golden Groza, Name change card

How To?

After opening the game, Click on the luck royal section to go to the Moco Store event. In this event, you will have only one chance to choose your favorite items from the grand prize and the bonus prize respectively.

As we know about the luck royal event in Free Fire MAX, the element of luck is always there but according to the rules of Free Fire, you must spend a good amount of diamonds to acquire the available rewards. For the first spin, you have to spend 9 diamonds and the number of diamonds required will increase with each spin. A total of 5 spins will cost 90 diamonds.

So, if you have a good number of diamonds to spend there, you can spin them according to the event rules as mentioned.

Event Calendar

free fire new event today

Event Details

  • Event Name: 5th Anniversary Event Calendar
  • Event Duration: 5 August – 13 September 2022
  • Event Type: Luck-based event, Exchange Store, Free Items, Diamond Required
  • Grand rewards: Free Room Cards, Free Emote, New Characters

How To?

As you can see on the event calendar for the 5th anniversary of Free Fire MAX, there are so many rewards available to get day by day till the 13th of September, i.e., New Character, Free Room Cards, Emote, Gloo Wall, etc. If you want all these exclusive rewards, then you have to open the game every day and follow the rules of the event as mentioned.

Fire Vs Water

Free Fire new event today

Event Details

  • Event Name: Fire Vs Water
  • Event Duration: 28 July – 3 August 2022
  • Event Type: Diamond-required, spin event
  • Grand rewards: Exclusive Bundles, Gloo Walls, and Fist Skins (x2)

How To?

There are two sections in this Free Fire new event today, i.e., Fire vs Water. Each section contains an array of exclusive themed prizes, including the Bonebruisher Scorch bundle, Tidebreaker Surge bundle, Flaming fist skin, Hailstone fist skin, Bonebruisher Scorch Gloo wall skin, and Night Scouter Gloo wall skin as grand prizes.

Free Fire new event today in India server
Fire side rewards (Image via Garena)

Players will have to make spins of either 20 diamonds for 1x or 180 diamonds for 10x spins to obtain a themed item from any of the sections. It is noted that players will get a 10% off on the next spin after every spin.

Free Fire new event today in India server
Water side rewards (Image via Garena)

This is quite a diamond-consuming event but worthwhile as well. Those who have enough diamonds should surely try their hands at this event.

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Old Free Fire events

Elite Pass Offer

Free Fire new event today
Get up to 90% off in Elite Pass (Image via Garena)

Event Details

  • Event Name: Bumble Rumblers Elite Pass Offer
  • Event Duration: 27 July – 31 July 2022
  • Event Type: Diamond-required, discount percentage wheel
  • Grand rewards: Elite Pass

How To?

All gamers have to do is log in to Free Fire and go to the event section by clicking on the ‘Calendar’ icon. Subsequently, click on the ‘Go To’ button to head to the specific event panel. Tap on the enter button to spin the discount percentage wheel. If they are lucky, they can receive the maximum discount. After getting the discount, spin again as instructed and claim the Elite Pass instantly.

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Battle In Style 2.0

Free Fire new event today
Battle In Style

Event Details

  • Event Name: Battle In Style – Top Up
  • Event Duration: 26 July – 1 August 2022
  • Event Type: (Free) Top Up diamonds to claim for free
  • Event Rewards: AC80 Digital Dasher, Mischief Pixel Loot Box, Digi Smiley Backpack

How To?

This is a new event released today in Free Fire. In the Battle In Style top-up event, you have to top up (purchase) a total of 500 diamonds to claim all three rewards for free as mentioned. However, you may also top up either 100 or 200 diamonds for the first two rewards. i.e., AC80 skin for 100 diamond top up and Mischief Pixel Loot Box for 200 diamond top up.

You can purchase diamonds either from the in-game top-up center or via an external source such as GamesKharido.

Blue Flame Draco AK

Blue Flame Draco AK

Event Details

  • Event Name: Blue Flame Draco AK
  • Event Duration: 25 July – 31 July 2022
  • Event Type: Faded Wheel – From Luck Royale (diamond-required)
  • Grand rewards: Blue Flame Draco AK, Golden Hand Loot Box

How To?

To spin this Faded Wheel, first go to the Luck Royale section and tap on the relevant Faded Wheel. Subsequently, choose any two unwanted rewards and start the spin with 9 diamonds. Diamonds required will increase after each draw as 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and 499. Thus, all the rewards can be guaranteed if you have at least 1,079 diamonds.

This AK skin is extremely rare and popular among Free Fire players.

Free Fire Lucky Wheel

Free Fire Lucky Wheel Event
FF Lucky Wheel

Event Details

  • Event Name: Free Fire Lucky Wheel
  • Event Duration: 23- 30 November 2021
  • Event Type: Lucky Wheel (Spend Diamonds)
  • Diamonds Required: Minimum 1 diamond

How To?

Get To know more about this event from here..!

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Minor Events:

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