Free Fire X Money Heist: Plan Bermuda 2.0 Event Calendar Leaked

Headline: The Free Fire X Money Heist second Collaboration event Plan Bermuda 2.0 is going to be started on 3 December 2021.

Free Fire and Money Heist Second Collaboration: Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games in the world and Money Heist is one of the most popular web series on Netflix all over the world. These two big names had collaborated in September 2020 and once again it seems they’re intending to collab in 2021.

The collaboration brings several in-game events in which we see some Skins, Bundles, Outfits, etc that are based on the Money Heist web series theme.

In the first collaboration, the in-game event ‘Plan Bermuda’ was introduced to the game. There were ‘Money Heist themed songs, characters bundles/costumes, emotes, backpacks, gun skins, surfboard, etc items in the game. The collaboration was carried on a higher level.

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Once again in 2021, they seem to collab with each other and this is gonna be crazy for the players who play Free Fire and are huge fans of the web series Money Heist.

Plan Bermuda 2.0 will be the event name in the second collaboration and a dedicated event calendar will be released. But we have a leak of the information and the event calendar. So stick till the end of the article to know more before it actually comes in Free Fire.

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Plan Bermuda 2.0 Event Calendar Leaked

For almost every big collaboration, Garena Free Fire brings several in-game events and for that, it releases a dedicated event calendar that describes the overall period and major events of the collaboration. For Plan Bermuda 2.0 also, Garena Free Fire will be releasing the following calendar:

Free Fire Plan Bermuda 2.0 Event Calendar
Img Credit: @magamers.ofc

The Plan Bermuda 2.0 event is going to be started from 3 December 2021 according to the above calendar. Let’s know what kind of events you’re gonna see in the Free Fire Upcoming Event ‘Free Fire Money Heist Plan Bermuda 2.0’.

Plan Bermuda: Raid & Run

You’ll see a bundle in this event that may be Free. This event is starting on 3 December and ends on 14 December 2021.

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After Match Drop

There will be tokens that you’ll get after playing each match. Later you’ll have to exchange them for exciting Free rewards. This will also run from 3-14 December 2021.

Let’s Plan Again Web Event

This will be a web event that will continue from 4-14 December 2021. The item is not clear in the image. It seems like it is a Money Heist Themed backpack skin. Let’s wait for the actual event to come into play.

Collect Bank Notes

It will be also a token that will look like ‘Bank Notes’. You will have to collect them by doing the task given. Later you can exchange them for rewards. It will continue from 5-14 November 2021.

Login For Rewards

From 7-14 December you’ll have to log in to the game daily and claim free rewards. For the whole week, you’ll get free rewards just for logging into the game.

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Play To Get LCDP Surfboard

On 11 December, you’ll have to play the game for the given time to claim a Surfboard Skin for free.

Login Now

On the same day 11 December, you’ll get a Free Fire Money Heist Themed Parachute skin just to log in to the game.

Get The LCDP Sports Car

You will have to play an event from 11-14 December to get an LCDP Sports Car. It will be the Money Heist Themed car skin.

Play Money Heist Mode

There will be a new Money Heist Game Mode in the game from 11 – 14 December. Play the mode. There may be some rewards too.

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Booyah Runi

Play the Booyah Runi event from 11-16 December and win exciting prizes including Pan Skin, UMP Crates, etc.

This was all about the Plan Bermuda 2.0 upcoming Free Fire X Money Heist event. This time it may not be that much exciting and the rewards may not be that premium as in the last year’s Plan Bermuda event.

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