Free Fire MAX Angelic event calendar 2023: Claim rare items

As part of Garena’s efforts, the developers constantly bring new events to the game to keep the players’ interest and users engaged, such as the Free Fire Max Angelic event.

The developers have included a lot of new events in the Angelic event that will last for the next twenty days. However, players will see new and exclusive prizes in each sub-event under the Angelic event, maintaining the excitement among players throughout the event.

Through this article, I will give you all the relevant information about the new Angelic event, such as the event duration, rewards, how to get them, and many more.

Free Fire MAX Angelic event duration and rewards

According to the Angelic event calendar, the event will run from January 2, 2023, to January 21, 2023, although each event has an individual running duration and rewards. There are also different sections to get each event’s reward, such as Angelic Party, Faded Wheel (Golden Angels), Top-up event, and Luck Royale.

The event’s duration and rewards are as below, which you can also see in-game on the Angelic event calendar:

Event Duration

  • Sky Angelic – Jan 2 to Jan 8
  • Divine Angels – Jan 4 to Jan 10
  • Crimson Angelic – Jan 5 to Jan 10
  • Fallen Angels – Jan 6 to Jan 12
  • Golden Angels – Jan 8 to Jan 21

Event Rewards

  • Sky Angelic – Angel Dino, Angelic Sky Top, Angelic Hat, Angelic Flip Flops, Rapper Throttle, Loot Box, Backpack, and many more.
  • Divine Angels – White Male and Female Divine Angelic Bundle.
  • Crimson Angelic – Crimson Hoodie and Mask.
  • Fallen Angels – Purple Male Angelic Bundle and Chartbuster Weapon Skin.
  • Golden Angelic – Male Golden Angelic Bundle, Mask, Angelic Wing, Trouser, and more.

How to get Angelic rewards in Free Fire MAX?

Follow the steps given below to get the Angelic rewards in the game:

free fire max angelic event
Image Via: Garena Free Fire MAX

Sky Angelic Party: After opening the game, click on the event calendar located in the right corner of the home screen. Now, go to the Angelic tab, which is shown at the top of the events calendar. Subsequently, tap on the Angelic Party option and click on the “Go To” button to go to the main event.

The event is not free; you must have enough FF diamonds to play this party event. For each spin, you have to spend 19 diamonds, and 49 diamonds for super spin.

Divine Angels Faded Wheel: This event will be visible from January 4th. All you have to do is open the game and go to the Faded Wheel section and try your luck.

Remember, you must have enough Free Fire diamonds to play this event and the diamond’s spin requirement changes after each spin of the Faded Wheel.

Crimson Angelic Top Up: Crimson rewards will be featured in the Top-Up events section from January 5th. To get this reward, open Free Fire or Free Fire MAX and go to the top-up event option by clicking on the Event tab.

To get the rewards, you will have to top-up the specified amount of diamonds. There will be two advantages of this, first, you will get a diamond by doing a top-up, and second Crimson rewards as well for free.

Fallen Angels Royale: These rewards will be available in the Luck Royale section from January 6th. To get this reward, open the game and go to the Luck Royale section which is located in the left corner of the home screen.

You must have Royale vouchers or enough diamonds to claim the Fallen Angels reward.

Golden Angelic Ascension: The last sub-event of the Angelic event is the Golden Angels costume, as per the sources it will be available in the Luck Royale section. You must have sufficient FF diamonds to spend here to get this reward.

Note: All information in this article is according to the official Free Fire Max Angelic event calendar.

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