Free Fire Kill Chori Redeem Code


  • It has been announced to give 3 permanent Free Rewards through Free Fire Kill Chori Redeem Code
  • Views milestones should be completed for the redeem code to be revealed by Garena Free Fire for Indian Server

The Diwali event is one of the most celebrated events in Free Fire Indian Server. Numerous amount of FREE rewards are distributed to the players on this occasion. Currently, a fully dedicated Diwali 2021 Event is going on in the game.

After giving back-to-back exciting in-game events and rewards, Free Fire India Official has added fuel to this excitement. A video song titled “Kill Chori” ft. Bhuvan Bam and Shradhha Kapoor has been released, becoming a Blockbuster Superhit song within a few hours.

Free Fire New Event Today in Indian Server

Only the song might not attract the viewers especially the Free Fire audience, but the presence of a couple of big names like Bhuvan Bam and Shraddha Kapoor has done it. If this is also not enough to grab the audience’s attention, one more surprise is revealed by Free Fire India Official that can’t stop the players from watching this music video. i.e. Free Fire Kill Chori Redeem Code.

Free Fire Kill Chori Song Redeem Code is the redeem code that will be available for the Free Fire players after completing some milestones set by Free Fire India Official for the song Kill Chori.

Let’s see the rewards of the Free Fire Kill Chori Redeem Code and how you can get it.

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Milestones for Kill Chori Song Redeem Code

There are 3 Milestones to be completed to get 3 different permanent rewards. These milestones should be achieved until 6 November 2021.

  • 1 Crore Views (10 Million Views)
  • 2 Crore Views (20 Million Views)
  • 3 Crore Views (30 Million Views)

These are the number of views required on the Kill Chori Official Music video available on the Free Fire India Official’s YouTube channel.

Tips to achieve the milestones quickly: You should share the music video as much as you can. Watch the video song many times every day. Each individual’s effort will be remarkable for this achievement.

Rewards of Kill Chori Song Redeem Code

There is one kind of reward for each milestone completed. If all the milestones are completed until 6 November, all rewards will be available after claiming the redeem code.

  1. 3X Diamond Royale Vouchers for completing 10 Million views
  2. M14 KILLSPARK SINOBI Permanent Skin on 20 on Million Views
  3. Black Rose Rocker Bundle on 30 Million Views

Diamond Royale Voucher may not be that important for the players but the rest of the two other rewards are quite interesting. M14 is an AR Gun that you can use for long-range battles. It is quite popular among assaulters. So, you should be happy if you get this.

Free Fire Kill Chori Song Redeem Code
Black Rose Rocker

The third reward is the Black Rose Rocker bundle which can only be claimed if the song gets at least 30 Million Views until 6 November. Obviously, this is the most exciting reward on this list because it’s one of the rare bundles in free Fire in Indian Server. So, we all must try to complete the milestones to get this bundle for Free.

Free Fire Kill Chori Redeem Code

The milestone for the Kill Chori Music video has been completed. Here is the redeem code you need to use to get all the above-mentioned rewards:

Free Fire Kill Chori Video Song Redeem Code:

👉 X99TK56XDJ4X

This is the genuine code you need to redeem on Free Fire Redemption Site

How to redeem the Kill Chori song Redeem Code from redemption site

Follow the simple steps given below to redeem the Kill Chori redeem code:

  1. Copy the Kill Chori Redeem Code given above
  2. Go to Free Fire Redemption Site
  3. Sign in there using any of the options given with which you have created your Free Fire account
  4. Paste the Redeem Code that you had copied
  5. Double-check the redeem code whether it is of 12 characters or not
  6. Then, click on “Redeem”
  7. If a popup dialogue box comes saying “CONGRATULATIONS” it means you’ve successfully redeemed the code
  8. The rewards will be sent within 24 hours to your in-game mail or vault

Sometimes, the redemption site may not open. Just don’t be panic. This is due to the overload on the server and hence it crashes. So wait a few minutes or in some cases a few hours and try to redeem the code again.

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