Free Fire Headshot settings 2021 | DPI, FPS, Graphics, sensitivity etc.

Headshots in Free Fire is one of the most important factors to make your Free Fire profile stronger and also to show yourself a pro player.
Basically, headshot shows your professionalism in this game. If you knock down the enemies only by giving body damages then you’re not considered as a pro player.
We’ll be discussing about the ultimate Free Fire Headshot settings in this article.
You can see many big players and YouTubers who play like legends. You can observe them and one thing that you’ll surely notice is their headshots to the enemies.
They do not take too much time in knocking down an enemy.
There are many advantages to kill the enemy by a headshot rather killing them by only body shots. 
Following are some of those advantages that will encourage you to make headshots from today: 
  • Kill an enemy within a second
  • To showoff your professionalism
  • Chances of winning the match increases
  • Helps an E-sports player to give their squad a win
  • Most importantly, your domination over the enemy increases
So it’s very necessary to increase your capability to give headshots in Free Fire.
You can also judge your capability to make headshots through headshot rate. If your headshot rate is below 30% then you should start increasing it. Because this headshot rate defines the player as an average one.
But, if you’ve to come out of the average category you should set this rate to 30-50%. This rate defines the player as a pro player. Hope you understood the importance of headshots in Free Fire.
The factors that affect your headshot rate are:
  • Sensitivity
  • DPI, FPS and Graphics settings
  • Custom HUD
  • Weapon you mostly use
  • Most importantly, your practice
There are a plenty of ways to increase the tendency to make headshots. In this article, you’ll see those ways in a sequence.
  1. Best Free Fire Headshot Sensitivity
  2. Perfect DPI, FPS and Graphics settings according to mobile’s configuration
  3. Best Custom HUD 
  4. Drag Headshots
  5. Best weapon/gun for quick headshot
  6. Best way to do practice

Free Fire Headshot Settings 2021


1. Sensitivity

This is the most asked setting by players. Sensitivity setting changes from device to device. Overall, you should be clear that for making headshots your sensitivity should be high.
For Low End Devices, keep each and every sensitivity bar to 100. Low end devices may defined as Low RAM (1-4 GB), older processor etc.
For High End Devices, keep the General – 50-60 and others you can keep them between 80 to 90.
best sensitivity for Free Fire headshot


2. DPI, FPS and Graphics Settings

DPI, FPS and Graphics settings doesn’t matter that much in case of giving headshots.
DPI: Changing the DPI of a device may change your device’s system. I would not recommend you to change the DPI.
If your device is of lower end, you should definitely not change the DPI because it may cause your phone to lag too much.
The by default value of DPI is enough for Free Fire. The ideal range of dpi for Free Fire is between 410-450. But again, try to play with the by default dpi settings.
FPS: FPS matters when it comes to the smooth gameplay experience. It doesn’t interfere too much in giving headshots. But high FPS provides your smoother experience which leads to high chances of headshots.
So, if you have high or low end device you can go for the following settings shown in the images
Graphics: Proper Graphics settings is needed to keep your mobile phone’s performance stable. For low end devices high graphics settings may lead to more heat production and your game starts lagging. 
Free Fire Headshot setting 2021


So keep your graphics to standard for low end devices and of course you can keep it to the ultra if your device is stronger. 

3. Custom HUD

The only thing that matters in custom HUD is the position and size of fire button. You should keep it to a lower position and smaller so that you can make drag headshots.
Perfect size of fire button may be 50.
Best custom HUD for headshot in free fire

4. Drag Headshots

This is the most important thing or say technique to learn. Drag Headshot means you have to drag your fire button upwards so that the aim goes to the head of enemy. 
If the enemy is stable or running towards you, drag it upwards else you should drag it towards enemies head along with his running direction.
Drag Headshot trick is a must for those who really want to become a headshot expert.


I recommend this video if you want to learn drag headshot tips and tricks. Hope you understood how to make drag headshots in free fire and its tips and tricks.

5. Best Weapon/Gun for Headshots

Different guns have different range, accuracy and rate of fire. You should use only those gun skins which have high rate of fire and high accuracy specially in case of SMG guns.
Usually, SMG guns help you to make drag headshots easily. 
So one thing that you’ve to notice in the gun skins is High or Increased Rate of Fire.
For example, SMG guns like Thompson, MP40, UMP and AR guns like SCAR, AN94 etc. are best weapons/guns for drag headshots in Free Fire.

6. Best Way to do Practice

“Practice makes a man perfect” this statement should be implemented by you. Perfect practice is necessary. To give perfect headshots, you should follow the sequential steps below:
  1. Practice as much as possible in Training Ground with your favorite gun with high rate of fire.
  2. Adjust your position of fire button if it’s not properly placed.
  3. Drag the fire button only when your aim is fixed on enemy.
  4. At last practice in Classic Clash Squad mode so that your rank doesn’t fall during this practice time.
  5. Play the Clash Squad Mode as much as possible so that you get enough chance to fire on the enemy.
Hope this article will help you to manage your Free Fire headshot settings. Thanks for reading..!

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