Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 43 Pre-Order And Its Benefits


  1. Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43 pre-order has been released and the full version will be released on 1 December 2021.
  2. The pre-order offer is available till 30 November. Make your decision quickly.

Garena Free Fire is a free-to-play battle royale multiplayer online game. Though it’s free-to-play, there are several in-game items and subscriptions that you can buy paying real money. The real money is used to buy the Free Fire Diamonds which are the in-game currencies of Free Fire ad then you can use those diamonds to buy the in-game stuff.

Garena Free Fire brings a lot of events every day. Some are periodic events that come in certain time intervals maybe a few days or a few weeks whereas some are not periodic. One of the most popular and hyped periodic events is Free Fire Elite Pass.

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Free Fire Elite Pass

Free Fire Elite Pass is a subscription-based event in Free Fire that comes every month. One elite pass season lasts for the whole month and from the next month, the new elite pass season starts. You get numerous premium items throughout the month based on the number of badges you have. Badges are claimed by playing matches and doing other tasks. According to the number of badges, you get the items if you have taken the elite pass subscription.

You get the chance to claim more badges than the player who hasn’t taken the elite pass. The more badges you have, the more premium items you will get.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43 – Palace Of Poker

The Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 43 “Palace Of Poker” is going to be released on the first day of December 2021. It will last till the end of December. Its pre-order offer has been already started from 28 November 2021.

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Elite Pass Season 43 Pre-Order

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43 pre-order
Elite Pass Season 43 Pre-Order

Free Fire Elite Pass Pre-Order is an offer for the players that include extra items and benefits. If you buy it, you can get some more special items than others before its release. The pre-order offer stays for 2-3 days then the elite pass is released completely.

You Should Buy The Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43 Pre-Order Or Not?

The normal elite pass costs something around 500 Diamonds whereas the pre-order sale/offer costs around 1000 diamonds. The number is simply double. I don’t think it’s worth it. But of course, you can go with it if you have sufficient diamonds. Before taking any decision, go through the following points that tell you the benefits of Pre-Order:

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Benefits Of Buying Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43 Pre-Order

  1. Access To All Elite Pass Items That Worth More Than 10,000 Diamonds
  2. Unlock Elite Challenges to earn more badges earlier
  3. Daily Gold Limit increases by 100
  4. Nickname will be displayed in Glorious Red in the killfeed
  5. Immediately get 50 badges and unlock the Jeweled Hearts Bundle earlier
  6. Get other Elite Pass Season 43 exclusive rewards

I’d suggest you buy the normal elite pass that costs only 500 Diamonds. It’s my personal opinion else you can go through your own way. If you’re wondering whether to buy elite pass season 43 or not, I’ll say it depends on you. I can tell you my opinion then decide for yourself.

My Opinion: This season’s 43 elite pass is not that unique. Similar types of elite passes have already come to Free Fire. The bundles are the major items but these bundles look like previous elite pass bundles. If you like the other rewards of this elite pass season like emote, backpack skin, surfboard skin, etc. then you can go with this.

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