Free Fire Diwali Event 2021: Free Magic Cube, Emotes, and bundles

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. It is the festival of lights. As in the past year, Garena Free Fire is once again bringing the Free Fire Diwali Event 2021.

Since Diwali is a festival that depicts the ethics and cultural values of Indian people, Garena Free Fire especially brings this event for the Indian players. So, this event is dedicated to the Free Fire Indian server.

In the last Diwali Event (2020), Free Fire gave us different rewards for absolutely free including Free Magic Cube and bundles. In the same manner, this year also Garena Free Fire is planning to give some more exciting prizes for free.

Currently, at the time of writing this article, Garena Free Fire hasn’t officially released the Free Fire Diwali Event 2021 calendar but through the sources, we’ve found the event calendar. So let us have a glance at those events and rewards that you’ll be seeing in Free Fire Diwali Event 2021.

Enjoy these events leaks in advance..!😉😉 Don’t worry if you see this article after the official event start because nothing will be changed. Everything shown here is 100% real.

Free Fire Diwali Event 2021 – Event Calendar

The event is going to start on 25 October. It will continue from the 25th of October to the 11th of November.

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Lone Wolf Mode Open

Lone Wolf Mode is the 1vs1 or 2vs2 mode that was released a couple of months before on the demand of players. People love playing 1 vs 1 matches. So Garena heard their voice. Later on, another option for 2 vs 2 was added.

Currently, it’s not available in the game but again on players’ demand, this mode is going to be opened from the beginning of the Diwali event. This mode will probably be opened till 4 November, the Diwali day.

Charge the Portal to Come Home

From the beginning of the Diwali event, “Charge the Portal to Come Home” sub-event will start which will end on 7 November. It’s difficult to say right now that what kind of tasks we’ll be given to complete this event.

But one thing is clear. That’s rewards. Yes, you’re going to have the UMP and FAMAS legendary gun skins. They may be provided in the form of crates or permanent skins. The guns may be different. You might get an option to choose the guns from a couple of choices.

Also, you can get the chance to claim one pet for free. That pet is more likely to be “The Panda”. The pet also may be different or of your choice.

Pick Your Own Diwali Hampers

This sub-event is going to be started from 29 October and will last till 7 November. This is still not clear that what are you actually going to see at this event. You might get a free melee weapon skin.

Also, there might be some tasks that will ask you to collect different kinds of stuff while playing the game and later redeem them for exciting prizes.

Rang De Rangoli

Rang De Rangoli is going to start on 29 October and will end on 7 October. During this event, you’ll have to claim a Free Bundle. To claim the bundle, you might need the tokens that you’d have collected during this event by playing the game as I mentioned in the above event.

After the due date of this event, you won’t be able to claim the bundle.

Count Down To Diwali

The event name itself says what this event is about. Just 2 days before the Diwali Day, on 2 November this event will start and will end on 4 November, the Diwali day. This event is kept for the countdown to Diwali which is on 4 November.

During this, you’ll get a chance to claim different rewards like gun crates, weapon vouchers, and a permanent skin of SurfBoard.

Claim Free Magic Cube

Finally, the wait is over. This is the Diwali Day (4 November). You will get to claim a Free Magic Cube that you can use to exchange rare bundles from the store.

It is expected that the bundles in the magic cube store will be renewed.

Diwali Party

On the same day (4 November), you can see a new emote in the game. It is not clear that whether the emote will be available to claim for free or something like a top-up event will be there.

The chance for this to be free is very high because currently, a Diwali Top-Up event is running in the game which includes an emote. So, there’s a high chance for the emote to be free on Diwali Day.

After Party Gifts

This is the last event in Diwali mega event. It will start on 5 November and will end on 11 November with the end of this whole Diwali event. During this, you’ll have to exchange the gifts tokens to claim different rewards like gun crates, vouchers, and custom cards.

The tokens can be collected by playing the game daily.

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In this way, the whole Free Fire Diwali event 2021 will end. Hope you liked reading this article..!

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