Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 Redeem Code | FFAC 2021 Redeem Code

Free Fire Asia Championship is one of the international Free Fire esports tournaments in which top teams of the Asia continent are invited. The teams are selected based on their performance and rankings in the regional tournaments of their particular region.

There are 31 teams from 7 Asian regions/countries playing in this tournament. The tournament will be online. The tournament will be started from 20 November to 28 November 2021. There will be 3 match days in which two days will be for the Play-Inns stage and one last day will be for the Grand Finals.

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In this article, we’ll be knowing about the FFAC 2021 Redeem Code (Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 Redeem Code).

Here is a quick overview of the tournament.

FFAC 2021 Overview

TournamentFree Fire Asia Championship 2021
SeriesAsia Championship
Total Teams31
Regions7 (Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, MCP, India, Pakistan)
Min. Teams/ Region4
Prize Pool$400,000 (USD)
Winner 1st Prize$80,000 (USD)
StagesPlay-Inns, Grand Finals
Match Days20, 21, and 28 November 2021
MapsBermuda, Purgatory, Kalahari
Total Rounds7 (2 Rounds/Map + 1 Round with Random Map)
Complete DetailsFree Fire Asia Championship 2021
Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 Details

Milestones For Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 Redeem Code

As usual, the milestone for the FFAC 2021 Redeem code is the “Live Watching” milestone which is to e completed by the Free Fire Esports loving audience. All you need to do is go to the Free Fire’s Official Esports Channel and watch the stream. Once the live watching touches the milestone the redeem code will be revealed.

FFAC 2021 Redeem Code Milestone

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FFAC 2021 Redeem Code Rewards

Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 Redeem Code Rewards
FFAC 2021 Rewards
Milestone (Live Watching)Rewards
200K 2- Diamond & 2- Weapon Royale Vouchers
400K Two Characters, 1- Parachute, 1- Vehicle (Choose Any One)
600KRare Emote, Gloo Wall Skin, AK Skin, Universal Frag. (Choose Any One)

Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 Redeem Code

The milestones for the FFAC 2021 has been successfully achieved by watching the championship live combining the Free Fire official YouTube channels. The last milestone was 600K live watching which was achieved. So, you will get all the rewards that were listed for FREE!

Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 Redeem Code (FFAC 2021 Redeem Code):


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Steps To Redeem The FFAC 2021 Redeem code From Redemption Site

  1. Copy The FFAC 2021 Redeem Code from Above
  2. Visit Free Fire Redemption Site
  3. Sign In there with which you’ve created you Free Fire Account
  4. Paste The Copied Redeem Code in the given box (Long Press in the box and then click paste)
  5. Make sure the redeem code is correct with 16 characters
  6. Click on ‘Redeem’
  7. If it shows ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ it means you have successfully redeemed your code
  8. The rewards will be sent to your in-game mail or the Vault within 24 hours

After you redeem the code, you will get tokens that you have to redeem/exchange for the respective reward.

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