FFPL 2021 Winter Redeem Code For 500K Live Watching Milestone

FFPL 2021 Winter Redeem Code: Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter is one of the top 2 highly recognized official Free Fire tournaments at the country level in India. i.e. FFIC is at the top and then comes FFPl. FFPL opens the way to FFIC for some top-performing teams in FFPL. All these tournaments are interconnected.

As always, Garena has kept some rewards for completing the live watching milestone for the FFPL 2021 Winter Finals which is going to be on 30 January 2022. Let’s discuss everything you need to know to get the FFPL 2021 Winter Redeem Code throughout this article.

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Milestones And Rewards For FFPL 2021 Winter

FFPL 2021 Winter Redeem Code
FFPL 2021 Winter Redeem Code

As you can see, there are three milestones to be completed to get the corresponding rewards using the redeem codes.

300K Live WatchingDiamond Royale Vouchers X3
400K Live WatchingSpirit Fox – Battle Fox
500K Live WatchingChoose 1 out of 4 (Spirit Fox Skin, AK Gun Skin, Otho Character, Emote)

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How To Achieve Those Milestones?

All you have to do is go to any of the Free Fire Official Youtube Channel (India) on 30 January 2022 at 6 PM and watch the live stream of the Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter Finals and that’s it.

Visit this page again between 9-10 PM and you’ll have the FFPL 2021 Winter Redeem Code in your hand.

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FFPL 2021 Winter Redeem Code

Redeem Code: FFPL72XC2SWE

Note: The redeem code will be only valid for the players who play on the Free Fire India server.

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How To Redeem FFPL 2021 Winter Redeem Code?

Just follow these simple steps to redeem the redeem code from the ff redemption site:

  1. Copy the Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter Redeem Code given above
  2. Go to Free Fire Redemption Site
  3. Sign in there using any of the options given with which you have created your Free Fire account get Redeem Code for Free Fire
  4. Paste the Redeem Code that you had copied
  5. Double-check the redeem code whether it is of 12 characters or not
  6. Then, click on “Confirm” get Redeem Code for Free Fire
  7. If a popup dialogue box comes saying “CONGRATULATIONS” it means you’ve successfully redeemed the code
  8. The rewards will be sent within 24 hours to your in-game mail or vault

Sometimes, the redemption site may not open. Just don’t be panic. This is due to the overload on the server and hence it crashes. So wait a few minutes or in some cases a few hours and try to redeem the code again.

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After redeeming the code, you’ll get a token in your in-game mail. Exchange the token for the corresponding reward from the Events > Esports section.

FFPL 2021 Winter Redeem Code
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