FFAC 2021 Prize Pool, Winner Prize, Points Distribution, Finalists

Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 (FFAC 2021) is one of Garena’s biggest Free Fire Esports series. It has replaced the Free Fire World Series 2021 due to the current pandemic situation through which the world is still suffering.

This series invites the top teams of the Asia continent. The selection of teams for the invitation is made based on the finals of regional tournaments conducted in their region/countries. For eg, India’s biggest tournament is Free Fire India Championship (FFIC). So, the teams from India will be selected from the finals of FFIC 2021.

Some key information about this championship has already been revealed like FFAC 2021 Prize pool, format, points distribution, etc.

We’ll be going through these pieces of information about the FFAC 2021 in detail throughout this article.

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A total of 31 teams will be playing in this championship from seven different Asian regions/countries. The whole tournament will be held in two stages. First is the Play-ins and the second stage is Finals. The 31 teams will be divided for these stages.

● Play-ins ( 20th & 21st November 2021)

24 teams will be split into two groups each of 12 teams. These two groups will have to compete for the spots left in the Finals. One group, one play-ins day.

The top 2 teams from each group, 1 team from the 3rd position from any of the groups who has better stats will qualify for the finals. In this way, a total of 5 teams will move ahead for the finals.

FFAC 2021 Format
Play-ins Format (Via @freefireesportsindia, Instagram)

Grand Finals (28th November 2021)

The 7 winning teams of the seven regional tournaments will directly play the finals with 5 other finalists from the Play-ins stage. In this way, a total of 12 teams will play in the finals on 28th November 2021.

FFAC 2021 Format
Grand Finals

Participating Regions/Countries

There’re a total of 7 regions from where the teams will be participating in this tournament. They are Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, MCP( Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines), India, and Pakistan.

FFAC 2021 Participating Regions

FFAC 2021 Playing Teams

The top 4-5 teams of the finals of each regional tournament are invited to play in this Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 tournament. For example, the top 4 teams Team Elite, PVS Gaming, Total Gaming Esports, and Desi Gamers Esports are invited to play from the Indian region.

There will be at least 4 teams from each region. All the members of a region will be representing that particular region. Let’s have a glance at the FFAC 2021 playing teams according to their region.

Vietnam (Vietnam Free Fire League)

  1. Burst The Sky
  2. HQ Esports
  3. God of Wolf (GOW)
  4. Heavy
  5. BOX Gaming

Indonesia (Free Fire Indonesia Masters)

  1. EVOS Divine
  3. Siren GPX
  4. The Pillars Gladius
  5. DG Esports

Thailand (Free Fire Pro League Thailand)

  1. eArena Esports
  2. Phoenix Force
  4. King of Gamers Club
  5. CGGG

Taiwan (Free Fire Summer Cup 2021)

  1. LGDS
  2.  台灣總冠軍 (Chinese Taipei)
  3. 回遊仔也想打比賽 (Chinese Taipei)
  4. EPIC

MCP (Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines) (MCP Majors 2021)

  1. Blacklist International
  4. Supreme Assault Forces

India (Free Fire India Championship 2021)

  1. Team Elite
  2. PVS Gaming
  3. Total Gaming eSports
  4. Desi Gamers

Pakistan (Free Fire Pro League Pakistan 2021)

  1. Hotshot Esports
  2. Five Mutants
  3. No Chance ES
  4. House of Blood

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Finals Teams

The winning teams of each regional tournament will directly qualify for the finals. And rest of the teams will be coming through the Play-ins stage.

Note: The 12th team will be qualified by comparing the teams of the 3rd position of each group based on their performance stats.

1Burst The sky (Vietnam)
2EVOS Divine (Indonesia)
3eArena Esports (Thailand)
4LGDS (Taiwan)
5Blacklist International (MCP)
6Team Elite (India)
7Hotshot Esports (Pakistan)
8HQ Esports (Vietnam)
9SYZYGY (Thailand)
10CGGG (Thailand)
11Siren GPX (Indonesia)
12Heavy (Vietnam)
FFAC 2021 Finalists

Points Distribution

The points distribution is designed such that the teams will get points for each kill and the placement they achieve out of 12 positions.

There is 1 point for each kill (Kill Points) and no point (Placement Points) for the 12th and 11th positions.

The placement points are as follow:

1st (Booyah)12
FFAC 2021 Points Distribution

The teams should try to be at least in the top 5 placement in each match to get some remarkable placement points because below that position, the points aren’t enough I think. Also, teams should focus on Kills because each kill will give them 1 point. It means if you get 12 kills as a team, it is equal to the points of 1st position (Booyah).

You shouldn’t start the early fights for kills but you should play by surviving and try to grab the placement points at first. Once you go near the last or second last zone, if you have the manpower, you’ll automatically get the kills points too.

FFAC 2021 Prize Pool

The Prize pool of the Asia Championship 2021 (FFAC 2021) is declared as $400,000 (USD). This amount will be shared among the teams playing in this tournament based on their final position. The winner team will get the highest prize with the FFAC 2021 winner title. Since it will be an online tournament, it’s still not clear whether the winner team will get a trophy or not.

FFAC 2021 Prize Pool Distribution
Prize Pool Distribution
PositionTeamPrize Amount (USD)
Winning Team (1st)HQ Esports$80,000
1st Runner Up (2nd)GPX Esports $50,000
3rd CGGG$30,000
4th Heavy$25,000
5th eArena Esports$20,000
7thEvos Divine$15,000
8thTeam Elite$15,000
9thBurst The Sky$15,000
10thBlacklist International$10,000
12thHotshot Esports$10,000
Final MVP (Player)MOMO From CGGG$5,000
Non-Final Teams (19 Teams)$5,000/Team
Prize Pool Distribution Table

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FFAC 2021 Winner Prize

The FFAC 2021 Winner Team will get $80,000(USD) from the prize pool amount. There are a total of 31 teams that will be playing in the Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 and the prize amount is distributed such that each team will get some dollars.

FFAC 2021 Winner Team

The winner of the Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 is HQ Esports who will be getting “The Champions” title and the prize amount of $80,000 (USD). This team belongs to Vietnam.

I hope your each and every doubt is now clear. If some data aren’t available, please wait for a few days until they are officially revealed.

Source of some data used in this article: liquipedia.net

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