FF OB35 update: Justin Bieber character is better than K?

The Justin Bieber character has been revealed!

The Free Fire OB35 update is quite near, set to launch on July 20 worldwide. Many exciting changes and tweaks to the title’s in-game content are to be revealed. Some of them have already been unveiled through the OB35 Advance Server and more will be disclosed once the update officially arrives.

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Amongst various revealed new elements, the new character has received a spotlight among gamers. The excitement has reached its peak because of the new global collaboration with a globally well-known personality, Justin Bieber.

This collaboration will bring in numerous themed events and in-game cosmetics. Moreover, this patch will be celebrating Free Fire’s fifth anniversary on August 27.

Everything known about the new Justin Bieber character so far

The Justin Bieber character is named J.Bieb within the game. He will have an amazing passive ability called Silent Sentinel. Due to this ability’s effects, allies within a 12-meter range can block 15%b damage using their EPs. Interestingly, the EP deducted from allies will be added to the skill user’s EP.

Eventually, the Justin Bieber character also helps users gain EPs, functioning similar to the K character.

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J. Beib vs K character

K: Master of All

K character possesses an active ability called Master of All that increases the maximum EP of the user by 50. Further, it performs in two distinct modes:

  • Jiu-jitsu mode: Allies within a 6-meter range will get a 500% increase in their EP conversion rate.
  • Psychology mode: Users will recover 3 EP every second, up to 250 EP.

Master of All has a small mode switch cooldown time of three seconds.

Both, K and J.Bieb help users by providing healing support by boosting their EPs. However, their ways of functioning are entirely distinct. The former must be activated time-to-time to gain EP while the latter works passively throughout the match.

Meanwhile, users have more benefits with the K character in the sense that he aids users unconditionally. On the other hand, J.Bieb makes a deal between himself and his allies and whenever they face combat, the ability comes to play the role.

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The Justin Bieber character (J.Bieb) works passively, making it a better choice than K for those who wanted to use K but also another active character simultaneously. Notably, J.Bieb also provides benefits to the allies that encourage mobile gamers to use the Justin Beiber character.

Which is more powerful, K or J.Bieb after the Free fire OB35 update?

Justin Bieber character in Free Fire OB35 update
FF OB35 update will bring in numerous changes (Image via Sportskeeda)

Both the characters are highly potential and users can use them without any doubt. However, if they are willing to use a different active character instead of K they must go with the Justin Bieber character. Otherwise, they can also use both of these characters simultaneously.

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