[Booyah Partner Program 2022] Step by Step Guide to Earn Money on Booyah

Booyah! is a streaming platform where any kind of gamer can do live stream, build gaming audience and earn money. If you’ve ever played Garena Free Fire, you should know what Booyah App is. 
Booyah runs a partner program through which gamers can make money called Booyah Partner Program.

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Booyah Partner Program is a program that helps Booyah streamers earn money by doing livestream. This program is run by Booyah itself and promote new streamers to do livestream on it.
Basically, Booyah App is owned by “Garena International I Pvt. Ltd.” which also owns Garena Free Fire mobile game. This was especially developed for Free Fire players to stream Free Fire on it.

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But now this platform is promoting each and every games that can be live streamed including PC games except the other competitive battle royale games like PUBG. The other battle royale games who are in competition with Garena Free Fire cannot be streamed on it. So it doesn’t matter which game you play, you can do live stream on Booyah and make money.
If you’re really serious about Booyah Partner Program or say Booyah Streamer Program then this article is going to be a complete roadmap for you to Earn Money on Booyah.

Requirements To Start Streaming On Booyah

Booyah provides facility to stream even with a smart phone but I recommend the following technical devices to grow professionally on Booyah:
  • A basic PC setup with at least 4 GB RAM (8GB recommended)for streaming and if you want to play and stream both from PC then you may require a high end PC with graphics card.
  • Medium or High end mobile phone for mobile phone gamers only for gaming not streaming.
  • A Microphone with good sound quality 
  • 2-3 hours time that you need to spend in a day.

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How much can you Earn from Booyah Streamer Program?

Highest paid streamers earn between $2000 – $3000 in a month. But to reach this stage you’ll need some hard work and time because obviously you’re not going to earn this amount from the first day of streaming.
An average level streamer can earn between $250 – $350 within 20 days. This is also not a fixed amount. Booyah has a format of earning that you’ll go on understanding day by day once you’ve started streaming. 
All you need is to start streaming with your full effort without losing energy because it may take some time to be established on this platform but once you set yourself you won’t have any regression for coming to this field. That’s my guarantee. 

Best Game To Stream On Booyah

Gamers stream games like GTA 5, Minecraft, Valorant etc. on Booyah but Garena Free Fire is something that can bring more and more audience to your stream.
As I already said Booyah platform is created by Garena company so most of its users are also Free Fire players.
If you already play Free Fire then you should go with Free Fire. But again this is not mandatory. You can stream any game on Booyah.
Most viewed games on Booyah
GTA 5, Minecraft and Valorant are also trending games on Booyah. So definitely you can go with them. 

Step By Step Guide To Earn Money On Booyah (Booyah Partner Program)

This is the most important section of this article. Because most of the new streamers get confused and lose hope but you don’t have to worry I’m still here. I’ll explain you every single step and details to earn money on Booyah. 
Let us discuss about some terms used in Booyah for this program which you must know.

1. Average CCV 

CCV stands for Concurrent viewers. It means how many viewers are watching you at a particular time. Average CCV says how many people continuously watched your full stream on an average.

2. Average Login CCV

It is same as average CCV but only the difference is this is the average number of users watched your full stream who have bind their Free Fire ID with Booyah account

3. Stream Days

Stream day refers to how many days you streamed on Booyah. To be counted as one valid stream day on Booyah, you’ll have to stream at least 2 hours (120 min) in a day. It is not necessary to stream 2 hours at once. You can stream in installments like 1-1 hours twice but this is not recommended. The more you stream, the more is the chance that you’ll grow faster.

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Complete Criteria and Levels

Before you join the Booyah Partner Program, you’ll have to complete the criteria and become eligible for the program. Don’t worry, it’s not too hard.
Booyah Partner Program


You’ll have to complete 3 unique (Stream) days, 2/3 Average CCV (Avg. CCV requirement keeps updating), 10 stream hours and must have at least 10 followers to become eligible for this program. 
After you complete this, you can Join The Program and then your journey begins. Now you’ll see a No Levels Achieved on the top. Just don’t be panic over here. 
This message is shown because you’ve not achieved any levels yet. 
Booyah Partner Program
At this moment, you’re in Booyah Partner Program. Now you can earn money by achieving levels. 

Verified Streamer Badge

Most of the streamers think, once they complete Eligibility and Join The Program they will get the verified streamer badge on their profile but this is not like that.

There are no criteria and eligibility to get Booyah Verified streamer badge on profile. It’ll be given by Booyah and you don’t have to worry about it.

Booyah Verified streamer badge
You just have to do live stream regularly and if possible with a facecam. It’ll help you to be recognized by Booyah team. Once they find you appropriate for the platform, they’ll give you the verified badge.
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Tier Groups and Levels

Booyah Streamer Program has an earning format in which you earn by achieving different levels in different group tiers.
Booyah streamer program
Booyah Streamer Program Earning Model

There are three tier groups Casual, Part-timer and Pro. Each tier consist of three levels. Each level has a different criteria and different prize value. 

You have to complete these levels one by one and you’ll earn that particular prize amount.
While changing the month, only the stream days and stream hours are set to zero. Your Average CCV remains the same as in previous month. You’ll have to continue increasing your Avg. CCV.
For example, once you complete level 1 of Casual Tier, your Avg. CCV doesn’t get refreshed. It’s a plus point for streamers.
To go to the next tier, you have to achieve the maximum level (level 3) in the previous tier and once you achieve the maximum level you’ll automatically be moved to next tier from next month.

Income from Coins

Users on Booyah can send gifts to streamers in the form of coins. Users purchase coins and send gifts to their favorite streamers. 
This is also a way to earn money on Booyah. 

My Personal Tips to grow quickly on Booyah

10+ Tips to Grow on Booyah quickly:
  1. Fix your stream time.
  2. Be on time.
  3. If you cannot stream 2 hours continuously, make a “two times stream in a day” schedule.
  4. Try to do stream with facecam.
  5. Be talkative with your viewers and talk politely with them. 
  6. Do giveaways to attract audience.
  7. If possible, try to play with them because most of the viewers want to play with streamers.
  8. Reply to their chats. Never make them feel ignored by you.
  9. Use Discord server to chat with your most regular viewers on stream.
  10. People also upload short clips on Booyah to attract more audience. Try to make your face and voice value on Booyah.
  11. Try not to make viewers bored. You can do funny commentary.
You can watch this video if you’ve any confusion. This is not my video but I specially found it for you to make you more clear about this topic.


Hope this article helped you to go through Booyah Streamer Program . Thanks for reading..!


  1. I have 141 followers (not my friend i got them by streaming) and other criteria without average CCV ,, what should i do now??

  2. I know about streamer program on booyah app . but what i dont know about is the cash out procedure on booyah app ? is there i need to attach my documents have to do something like this ? what will i have to do ? please reply in detail please help.

    • The Booyah team should have a direct bank transfer method for payments. You may not need to do anything in this regard at the beginning. Once you have earned the amount, you can contact their help desk for your queries.

  3. I am streaming since 1 week in pc with facecam also but I don’t know when I get payment and verification badge to my booyah account plzz reply I am waiting for your reply

  4. But I have already joined to streamer program and it was showing monthly cut off on June 1 2022 I don’t know what it mean

    • It might mean that the stats will be refreshed on that specific date and you’ll have to again achieve certain mileposts to be rewarded.

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