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5 Ways To Earn Money by Playing Free Fire in 2022

There are more than 100 Million active users of Free Fire who play Free Fire daily. Playing games only for entertainment purposes is quite worthless if you have an economic crisis. Why not earn money by playing Free Fire.

It sounds interesting..! Are You Excited to know more?

In this article, we’re going to learn some of the best methods through which you can actually make money playing games specifically Free Fire, and prove yourself to the family as well as to other people.


There are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the earning methods by playing Free Fire only. Let’s have a look at them.


1) How much can I earn by playing Free Fire?

No one can become an overnight rich. You need to do some extra work with patience and a good mindset.
There is no upper limit of earning. In fact you can earn as much as you want but you need to pay your efforts to do so. Minimum earning may be $300-$700 per month. But as I said earlier it depends upon how do you do. 
This minimum earning can be of yours if you reach at the average level of earning by playing Free Fire. There are some people who even make more than $20,000 a month. This shows that there is money in Free Fire and gaming.

2) What are the requirements to earn money by playing Free Fire?

If you play Free Fire and have enough time to invest then you can make money by playing Free Fire only.
 It doesn’t matter which country you belong to. You can make money from any corner of world by playing Free Fire if that region is allowed to play it.
You don’t have to be a very pro player to earn money by playing Free Fire.
Now finally let’s discuss about the actual methods to make money if you’re ready to invest you Free Fire playing time in right direction.  

5 Ways To Earn Money by Playing Free Fire


1. BOOYAH! Partner Program:

How to Earn Money by Playing Free Fire


This is one of the best methods to earn money by playing Free Fire. Why I’m saying this because this is officially provided by Garena Free Fire. 
BOOYAH! is a platform where the interested players can Live Stream their gameplay on it and engage the Free Fire audience. 
Garena Free Fire has an intention to spread the Free Fire playing as well as watching interest. This is absolutely true that more than 30-40% people like to watch the gameplay rather than playing it.
BOOYAH! Partner Program gives you an opportunity to showcase your playing style and strategies to the Free Fire audience and also rewards you to do so.
How to Earn Money by Playing Free Fire



How much can you Earn from BOOYAH! Live?

You can earn up to $2000 per month from Booyah! Partner Program. But obviously this amount you can’t earn from the the first day. There are certain levels and requirements to earn the particular amount of money.
There are three Streamer Tiers or simply say the streamer groups. i. Casual  ii. Part-timer  iii. Pro
  • A Casual Streamer can earn up to $40 a month.
  • A Part-timer Streamer can earn up to $350 per month
  • A Pro Streamer can earn up to $2000 per month.
I’d recommend you to join this program if you want to earn money by Live Streaming your gameplay.

2. YouTube Channel:

How to Earn Money by Playing Free Fire

I think no one needs to be explained about how the Gaming YouTube channels are growing nowadays. Specially, the Free Fire Gaming Channels are giving fuel to YouTube Gaming.

At current time, Free Fire related channels are the fastest growing channels among all other gaming channels in India according to my point of view. 
Let’s understand the potential of Free Fire YouTube Channels to make money with 2 examples. 
  1.  The biggest gaming YouTube channel in India
  2.  An average gaming YouTube channel.
Total Gaming YouTube channel which has gained more than 20 Million Subscribers in about 2 years. Isn’t this surprising..?
How to Earn Money by Playing Free Fire
Source: Social Blade


The owner of Total Gaming Ajay popular as AJJUBHAI has even not shown his face yet. It proves that if you do the hard work in right direction, you’ll get success.
How to Earn Money by Playing Free Fire
Source: Social Blade
It doesn’t mean that if he has got the success then you’ll also definitely get. But this is also a fact that if he can then why can’t you.
Disclaimer: The above pictures are shown only for the purpose of motivation.
Srikanta YouTube channel doesn’t has too much Subscribers and also the views as compared to others who has millions of Subscribers. 
But you can see how much he earns approximately. This channel I found randomly to give you an example.
How to Earn Money by Playing Free Fire
Source: Social Blade



You can see how much potential does Free Fire YouTube channel has. 

👉 Tips To Get Success on Free Fire YouTube Channel

  • Create a News And Updates channel if your gameplay is not too good.
  • Make unique and attractive contents.
  • Cover all the latest topics in Free Fire.
  • Always provide some important value in your content.
  • Upload the videos regularly (on a daily basis if possible).
  • Keep highest amount of patience.

3. Free Fire e-Sports:

How to Earn Money by Playing Free Fire

Free Fire e-Sports is one of the fastest growing e-sports sector. There are different Tournaments organized by Garena Free Fire one after another back to back.

It is 100% sure that the frequency of Free Fire Tournaments in 2021 will be higher or say almost double than that in 2020.
E-sports is what we are going to see in the future. The fast growing rate of E-Sports indicate that it may soon replace the physical sports in the future.
To play in Free Fire e-Sports, you need no any other requirements if you’re above 16 years and know how to play Free Fire well. This is the only requirement to play in Free Fire tournaments which are officially organized by Garena Free Fire.
The Free Fire e-sport tournaments are now giving too good cash amount as winning prize. If we talk about the Free Fire India Championship 2020 (FFIC 2020), its prize pool was a total of INR 50,00,000 which was really a great prize amount.
But in 2021, the same championship named as Free Fire India Championship Spring 2021 (FFIC 2021) has the total prize pool of INR 75,00,000. Isn’t this amazing..?
How to Earn Money by Playing Free Fire



As the time is moving, the Free Fire e-Sports is also becoming large.
Free Fire e-Sports always gives equal opportunity to take participate in each and every tournaments. It doesn’t matter how big the tournament is.
I’d recommend this method to earn money by playing Free Fire if you really want to make your career in e-sports and earn money along with fame.

4. Organize Your Own Free Fire Tournament:

You can actually organize your own Free Fire Tournament to earn money. It sounds interesting yaah..? This is how you can organize your own Free Fire Tournament.
Before going to the steps to organize a tournament, let us understand the earning model of such tournaments. The picture below can make you clear about it.
How to Earn Money by Playing Free Fire



I hope you’d have understood the concept of local tournaments that you can also organize in your local area. You can also see how impressive tournament structure this is.
Now finally let us learn the steps to organize such tournaments professionally.

Steps To Organize Own Free Fire Tournament

Step 1: Create a Google Form for the Information required from each player to organize the tournament. For example, Player UID, Nickname, E-mail etc.


How to Earn Money by Playing Free Fire
How to Earn Money by Playing Free Fire
Tournament Form Example




Step 2: Give the link of this form to those who want to take participate in the tournament. Or you can simply make a tournament thumbnail and share it to social media along with form link.

Step 3: Collect the player data and create spreadsheet from responses section in which the player data will be stored in excel format.
How to Earn Money by Playing Free Fire


Step 4: Send a bulk E-mail to all the players with Custom Room ID and Password so that they enter in the match.

There are lots of Videos on YouTube by which you can learn how to send multiple emails at a single time for free.
Step 5: You must have fixed a particular match time. Now you make players to join the match and you’ll have to spectate the match.
Step 6: Finally, take screenshots or record the screen of results of match so that you can see the results in detail.
Step 7: Send the winning prizes to all the players through your comfortable payment method.
These were the overall idea and steps to create your own tournament in Free Fire.

5. Stream On Other Platforms:

There are multiple platforms on which you can stream your Free Fire Gameplay. 
How to Earn Money by Playing Free Fire

Some of the Most Popular Game Stream Platforms are:

On any of the above platforms you can easily stream your Free Fire gameplay and earn money. 
This method is not recommended by me for Free Fire players. Because there’s already the best one for you. That is BOOYAH! App.
You can follow this method if all of the above methods are not beneficial to you. 
I don’t have much knowledge about these platforms so if you want to learn more please visit their official web pages.

I hope you guys liked all the methods by which you can earn money by playing Free Fire. These methods can really help you to make some extra and significant income by playing only Free Fire just by investing your little bit of time.


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