[Download] Free Fire OB37 Update (+APK) including MAX version

Free Fire is a globally popular mobile shooter with a massive active user base. Keeping users attached to the title for years is not that easy. However, Garena has been able to do so by bringing in regular updates to Free Fire.

The publisher usually rolls out a major update (also known as an OB update) every two months. The last OB update, i.e., the OB36 update was released on September 21, and the next update, i.e., the OB37 update is going to be released on November 16.

This particular update is going to introduce many fresh features and new events throughout the update’s lifetime, i.e., for the next two months.

Downloading and subsequently installing Free Fire OB37 update is pretty straightforward. However, many beginners, especially Indian users may find it challenging to do so as this particular client is banned in the country due to security concerns.

Although they can easily install Free Fire MAX, when it comes to the normal FF version, it is quite not straightforward. Notably, players having low-end devices cannot run the MAX variant smoothly on their devices. This necessitates them to download the normal Free Fire’s OB37 update.

Don’t worry, this article will help you download all versions of Free Fire’s new update for all users.

Free Fire OB37 Update download guide for all servers

The Kelly Show (FF OB37 Update Highlights)

The Free Fire OB37 patch will roll out on November 16 globally. The servers will be taken down for a few hours for maintenance. You will not be able to log in to your FF IDs until the maintenance is over. However, you can download and install the client meanwhile. The download process is explained below:

Note: Free Fire is currently banned in India. Therefore, the download process for the normal Free Fire is separately explained. i.e., for non-India residents and for Indian users.

Free Fire OB37 download link for global users

Since there are not any restrictions on Free Fire in other countries except India, users from those countries can effortlessly download the FF OB37 update via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Here are steps to get the updated game:

Step 1: Go to the particular App Store. Here are the links:

Google Play Store (Android users):

Free Fire OB37 update link

Free Fire MAX OB37 update link (also for Indian users)

Apple App Store (iOS users):

Free Fire OB37 update link for iOS users

Free Fire MAX OB37 update link for iOS users

Step 2: Tap on the Download/Install/Update button to start updating the game client.

Step 3: After updating successfully, open the game and log in there. You won’t see the lobby until the maintenance is over. However, you can still download the in-game resources in advance.

Free Fire OB37 update download link for Indian users

FF OB37 Update date and time

Indian users can easily download the FF MAX OB37 update using the aforementioned link, however, to download the normal Free Fire OB37 version, they can try the following link:

👉👉 Normal Free Fire OB37 download link for Indian users

This link will direct you to the APK download page for the latest FF version. You will need to download the APK of the game and then install it on your Android device. Unfortunately, iOS users cannot do so.

Note: There is no guarantee that the APK available there is the latest OB update and works fine. However, this is the official link and the chances that the game will run is high.

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