50% OFF in Gift Store Free Fire (November 2021): Diwali Dhamaka Sale in Indian Server

One more exciting surprise is going to be there in the game during this year’s Diwali Event 2021. Of course, it’s one of the most awaited events, Diwali Dhamaka Sale 50% OFF in Gift Store Free Fire. A bunch of events has already been introduced to the game and still, more are being added. Because it’s Diwali time…!

Diwali is the festival of happiness and togetherness. Family, friends, and relatives all meet up during this golden period. People give gifts to each other. In the same way, you can give in-game rare items as a gift to your friends and accept gifts from them. Garena Free Fire has also given us several events as a Diwali gift to its players in which we can get FREE rewards. Also, by introducing 50% OFF in Gift Store Free Fire event, it is helping us to give in-game gifts to our friends that cost only a few diamonds.

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The cost of items becomes half (50% reduced) during this event. If you have diamonds, you should definitely give some exciting in-game items as gifts so that some happiness can be spread out and the medium for this will be you.

If you were searching for an event in which you can purchase different skins, bundles, and emotes spending fewer diamonds, this can be best for you. Because you cannot purchase those items for yourself. You must gift that item to someone in the game.

You can top up some diamonds for your friend and say him to gift you the required items. Or you can exchange gifts from each other. You can gift to him and he will gift you. In this way, you can get those legendary items at a very cheap price.

50% OFF in Gift Store Free Fire (Date Revealed)

The 50% OFF in Gift store event is going to be there in the game from 6 November 2021 12:00 AM to 7 November 2021 11:59 PM. This event will be only for 2 days. So, be ready with some diamonds or make your friend ready on 6 November to have those exciting and rare bundles, skin, and emotes on this day.


There will be bundles, gun skin crates, characters, fashion items, backpacks, parachutes, pets, etc. in this event that you can gift to anyone. Mostly, players like the legendary bundles, characters like DJ Alok, Chrono, Wukong, and backpack skins. This is the right time to buy those pieces of stuff.

Just imagine how much profit you will be in on this occasion compared to ordinary days. Some bundles that cost more than 1000 diamonds will only cost near 500 diamonds which is not a small deal.

Let’s see how you can send a gift from Free Fire Gift Store so that it’ll be easier for you on that day.

Send a Gift from Free Fire Gift Store

Step 1: Go to the Store

Step 2: Select the Gift Tab from the right side

Step 3: You will see a list of categories for different items. Just select the one you want to go in.

Step4: Select the particular item you want to gift

50% OFF in Gift Store Free Fire
Gift Selection

Step 5: Click on the GIVE button below

Step 6: Select the player from given list or enter the UID of that player you want to send the gift (You can select multiple players)

Free Fire Gift Store
Players List

Step 7: Then click on NEXT

Step 8: You can see the total number of diamonds that you have to spend (make sure you have sufficient diamonds)

Step 9: Again click on GIVE

Step 10: You’ll see a discount coupons dropdown. If you have discount coupons, use them

Free Fire Gift Store

Step 11: Finally, click on the button showing how much diamond will it cost

Step 12: Your gift will be sent to the players’ in-game mail. They can claim those gifts from there.

In this way, you can send the gifts in the upcoming event 50% OFF in Gift store Free Fire on 6-7 November.

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